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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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Test & Measurement
AOI: Getting the Product Right the First Time

The evaluation of AOI inspection technology falls into two categories: image acquisition and image analysis. Image acquisition comparisons can be simple. Does the AOI system have the ability to acquire images of all of the areas of the PC board assembly where defects might occur? In po ...
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Atomic Force Microscopes for Advanced IC Testing

Semiconductor manufacturers rely on a variety of metrological tools to produce images that help them control processes and identify device failures. However, now that many integrated circuits include three-dimensional interconnects or have layers that are only a few atoms wide, traditi ...
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Self-Learning Vision Systems Automatically Adjust Parameters

Many manufacturers are getting a rude awakening. Their older automated machine vision systems lack the sophisticated processes needed to test today's complex electronic equipment. And while in some parts of the world it is less expensive to use human test inspectors than to invest in v ...
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Testing Times for Lead-Free Alloys

Removing lead from electronics may be a good idea, but the transition to lead-free solder dramatically changes the electronics assembly procedure, particularly for high-reliability products. Tin/lead solder joints have been comprehensively characterized over many decades, and manufactu ...
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X-ray Inspection of Lead-Free Products

X-ray inspection of PC boards is most often performed using two dimensional x-ray systems. 2D x-ray inspection systems consist of an x-ray source, detector, and a multi-axis manipulation system for object maneuverability. Images are taken and seen "as is" with little to no calculation ...
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