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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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Diodes Intros High Efficiency SBR Rectifiers
Westlake Village, CA — Diodes Inc. has launched a family of Ultra-Low V(F) SBR® power rectifiers that reportedly offer industry-leading performance.

Specifically targeting the PC power supply market's challenge to meet the demanding 80 PLUS® and Energy Star 4.0 efficiency requirements, the new family of SBR power rectifiers offers industry-leading Ultra-Low V(F) and safe operating area that results in meaningful efficiency increases compared to existing industry standard parts. The Ultra-Low V(F) SBR product family provides up to 85 percent higher reverse avalanche energy rating which allows for greater optimization and higher reliability in applications such as OR-ing and secondary rectification in AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies in end-user applications such as PC power supplies, servers, set-top boxes, telecom exchange, and medical power supplies. The SBR30U30CT SBR device is primarily targeted for secondary rectification for 3.3V and 5V output voltages for SMPS power supplies. With 85 percent higher reverse avalanche rating than its competitors, designers can use this inherent advantage from the SBR technology to gain higher overall efficiency by using a 30V device to replace many of the traditional 45V Schottky devices that were commonly used in previously designed SMPS.

With this release, Diodes Inc. offers four new SBR rectifiers for the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) market.

The new device achieves a continuous forward current rating of 30A with an ultra-low forward voltage drop (V(F)), and a high maximum junction temperature of +150°C. For higher power applications, SBR40U45CT and SBR60A60CT offer lower V(F) for such end-user applications as telecom and medical SMPS where efficiency and reliability are critical to the design. In addition, the company is releasing a 20A/200V SBR device, SBR20A200CTB, in a TO-263 package for higher output voltage rectification.

For more information, contact: Diodes Inc., 3050 E. Hillcrest Westlake Village, CA 91362-3177 805-371-4447 fax: 805-381-3838 Web:

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