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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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Vibration Isolation Workstation from Kinetic
Vibration-damping workstation.
Boston, MA — The 2000 Series Variable Height Vibration Isolation Workstation from Kinetic Systems allows the user to raise or lower the tabletop to accommodate the work being performed. A simple switch initiates a smooth, quiet transition to any tabletop height throughout a range of 24 to 36-in. Additional height ranges are also available.

The 2000 Series Workstation has automatic leveling, delivers excellent vertical and horizontal isolation efficiencies, and has low natural frequencies. It is suitable for applications such as semiconductor tests and inspections, intercellular biology, use of confocal, tunneling, or optical microscopes, wafer probing, mask aligning, roundness checking, and other repetitive processes in which external vibrations adversely affect the operation of precision equipment.

The workstation is Class 100 cleanroom compatible (Class 10 compatibility optional) and is available with tabletop sizes to 36 x 72-in. and weight capacities to 1300 lbs. Available tabletops are composite with plastic, antistatic, or stainless steel laminate or "honeycomb" aluminum or steel. Front and rear guard rails are standard. Accessories include fixed or sliding shelves, keyboard shelves, monitor supports, electrical outlet strips, enclosures, padded armrests, retractable casters, seismic restraints, and even Faraday Cages.

The workstations use the company's proprietary Active-Air Suspension system — a dual-chamber compressed-air system that provides superior high-performance vibration damping and maintains a preset "zero deflection" level to compensate for load changes.

For more information, contact: Kinetic Systems, Inc., 20 Arboretum Rd., Boston, MA 02131. 617-522-8770 fax: 617-522-6323 Web:

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