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Publication Date: 06/1/2007
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New Lit on Bondmaster Epoxies from National Adhesives
Bridgewater, NJ — A new flyer that explains the features and applications of Bondmaster epoxy adhesives has been published by National Adhesives.

According to the publication, these structural adhesives include 1- part heat-cure epoxies and 2-part catalytic epoxies formulated for the high performance requirements of today's manufacturing and processing operations. The epoxies operate in broad temperature ranges, joining virtually all surface types.

According to the company, Bondmaster 1-part epoxies have the strength and durability to replace mechanical joining techniques, such as welding and can be used in an extremely broad range of applications, including high-tech composites bonding. The adhesives have a wide operating temperature range from -65°F to +450°F and exhibit extremely high shear strengths up to 5,000 psi. They are easy to handle, dispense and clean up and do not cure until heat is applied. Gap-fill capabilities are up to 0.16-in.

The 2-part epoxies in the Bondmaster line have been developed to provide superior structural bonding strength and durability for a broad range of material substrates in high performance applications. The adhesives can be used in a wide range of viscosities, from flowable to paste-like, and enable increased adhesive application speeds. They also provide an excellent gap fill range of up to 0.25-in. and can be cured at room temperature without an external heat source.

The publication includes a Bondmaster Product Line Epoxy Adhesives Reference Chart that provides details on adhesive appearance, typical cure temperatures and times, temperature range and applications.

For more information, contact: National Adhesives Information Center, One Matrix Dr., Monroe, NJ 08831 800-797-4992 fax: 609-409-5699 E-mail: Web:

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