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Publication Date: 07/1/2007
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OK Int'l Launches New Array Rework System
Rework system.
Garden Grove, CA — OK International is launchings a new APR-5000-DZ Array Package Rework System with dual convection bottom-side heating for lead-free rework and high thermal demand applications. According to the company, this latest rework system enhances and enables fast ramp and tighter delta temperature control for lead-free rework without affecting adjacent and underside components; system expands capability to rework odd-form and temperature sensitive components; intuitive software and user prompts simplify training and provide repeatable process control.

The company is introducing the new system for BGA and SMT rework. This system reportedly delivers highly targeted and controlled heating for rework of high thermal demand boards including lead-free and multi-layer assemblies measuring up to 12 x 12-in. (305 x 305mm).

The system has a US-patented, dual convection bottom-side heater that enables faster rework while controlling the temperature to levels required by component and material manufacturers' specifications. The dual convection heater consists of both a large area and small area (localized) heaters. In concert with the top-side convection heater, faster heating rates with small temperature deltas are achieved during rework. Additionally, the proprietary nozzle design serves to protect components directly adjacent to the rework zone as well as other temperature-sensitive devices on the board.

The system provides users with the capability to rework components with a 0.4mm pitch. New nozzle technology enables the system to rework components where vacuum pick-up is not an option. In addition to BGA and CSP, odd-form components including through-hole parts, connectors, potentiometers, sockets, and even package-on-package (PoP) devices, can be removed and placed effectively and consistently.

The system supports the rework process with precision alignment control and an integrated vision system. An unusual new strobe light facilitates viewing the dual image of both component and board. The product includes an industrial PC with operating system and application software, LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse for rework. The application software provides the user with highly intuitive, easy-to-use profiling tools. Once profiles are established they can be saved. Operators are seamlessly "coached" with the software's user prompts. The APR system software can call up a profile and contains step-by-step instructions that quickly detail the action required for rework. The profiles can also be shared across multiple systems with cross-system repeatability to 5°C.

It is especially suitable for small, high density boards used in such products as mobile phones, handheld instruments and personal media players. It also can be used for rework of boards up to 24 x 24-in. (610 x 610mm).

For more information, contact: OK International, 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841 714-799-9910 fax: 714-799-9533 Web:

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