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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Teknek: Contact Cleaning System

Inchinnan, Scotland — Teknek clean machines utilize specially formulated elastomer rollers which gently run in contact with the substrate surface. The rollers remove contamination down to 1 micron and transfer the dry unattached particles from the substrate onto an effective pre-sheeted adhesive ...Read More
Tharo: Bar Code and RFID Printing

Brunswick, OH — Tharo Systems, Inc. provides an easy solution for printing bar code and RFID labels using XML (Extensible Markup Language) enabled enterprise systems. Easylabel® 5.5 Platinum's XML Monitor will "watch" a file directory or TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) ...Read More
TopLine Intros ESD-Safe PCB Holder

Garden Grove, CA — TopLine® has introduced its ESD-safe PC-40 bench mount PC board holder. Designed to hold boards during rework and assembly, the holder easily mounts onto any benchtop and is totally ESD-safe. It includes an ESD ground cord with 1MΩ resistor and ring.Read More
Xenon: Pulsed UV Light Decontamination System

Wilmington, MA — A modular, non-toxic, in-line sanitization system that employs pulsed UV light to kill DNA and prevent microorganisms from replicating on virtually any surface or package is now available from Xenon Corporation.Read More
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