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Publication Date: 08/1/2007
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Vitronics Soltec Jump Starts Reflow Profiling
XPM3 reflow oven using AUTOset.
Stratham, NH — A new feature developed by Vitronics Soltec in partnership with KIC — AUTOset, takes advantage of years of process knowledge developed in reflow profiling by both companies. AUTOset makes it possible for the manufacturing engineer to get a "jump start" on process development by generating a preliminary reflow profile based on a PC board assembly's physical characteristics. The engineer can then "fine tune" an optimized profile from the preliminary recipe.

AUTOset is a software subsystem incorporating KIC Vision auto-profiling technology. AUTOset is installed in all new Vitronics Soltec XPM3 Series reflow soldering machines. It eliminates the need for the operator to "guess" an initial oven recipe, by using an algorithm to calculate the correct oven recipe based on input data. The engineer inputs information about the PC board to be processed — physical dimensions, solder type, etc., which allows AUTOset to identify a suitable oven recipe prior to running a single profile. AUTOset not only saves process development time, but also energy and operating costs by generating more efficient profiles from Vitronics Soltec's vast information database and more than 15 years of developing optimized thermal profiles for reflow ovens. AUTOset will work with any third-party thermal profiler, including KIC and ECD products.

For more information, contact: Vitronics Soltec North America, 2 Marin Way, Stratham, NH 03885 603-772-7778 fax: 603-772-9340 Web:

See at IPC Midwest Booth #434.

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