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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Stafford: Rigid, Flexible Positioning System

Wilmington, MA — An extremely stable positioning system for mounting blowers, heaters, cameras and related devices onto conveyors and packaging equipment is now available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp.Read More
Stratasys Upgrades Rapid Prototyping System

Minneapolis, MN — Stratasys has released a new direct digital manufacturing and prototyping system — the FDM 400mc. The system has improvements in five key areas that are reportedly sought after by manufacturers.Read More
Teknek Intros PCB Cleanup System

Inchinnan, Scotland, UK — Teknek has introduced its CM10, a new machine that has been specifically designed for simultaneous double-sided cleaning of large format substrates. Applications include PC boards, flat panel displays, screen printing, LCDs, lamination, packaging and glass manufacture. Read More
Uni-Form Epoxy Preforms for Hi-Volume Sealing

Manchester, CT — Multi-Seals, Inc. is offering a solid alternative to liquid epoxy for high-volume, precision sealing. Uni-form epoxy preforms are pre-shaped, one-part resins that are solid at room temperature. When heated, Uni-forms melt and cure, forming a consistent seal that protects components ...Read More
Victrex Intros New Hi-Temp Compound

West Conshohocken, PA — Victrex has introduced a new VICTREX T-Series compound called TF-60C, a proprietary blend of VICTREX®PEEK polymer, Celazole polybenzimidazole (PBI) and carbon fiber reinforcement. Providing one of the best overall property profiles of any high performance material, the ...Read More
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