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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Marantz Delivers Value-Driven AOI System
Desktop AOI system.
Eindhoven, Netherlands — Marantz Business Electronics® unites technology advance, cost-efficiency and powerful operator control on a reduced footprint with its M22XDL-350 desktop Automatic Optical Inspection machine.

With the smallest footprint of all the machines in the company's range of desktop AOI systems, the M22XDL-350 supports comprehensive inspection of PC boards, including SMT and THT components, reflow and wave solder joints, and solder paste. Building on the proven strengths of the company's popular CL systems, the 22XDL generation introduces an innovative new lighting concept, with three pulse wave-modulated LED light sources and up to six different lighting combinations enhancing operator control for exceptional inspection accuracy.

This comprehensive operator control is further enhanced by Rep 22X Statistics and Repair Desk Software. Actively collecting inspection data from any 22X AOI machines in the network, the innovative software is able to monitor the inspection process in real time while simultaneously visualizing collected data. This advanced functionality can be applied to each PC board for repair purposes or collectively to generate process statistics and analysis, maximizing operator visibility and knowledge throughout the entire inspection process.

Along with all the machines in the company's range of AOI systems, the M22XDL-350 uses true 24-bit color imaging. This breakthrough technology is designed to extend the amount of data available to operators per pixel, dramatically enhancing defect detection while minimizing false alarms. The 24-bit processing discerns subtle changes for improved image clarity, helping to separate components and solder images from the background board or substrate. Deploying the technology in combination with its innovative lighting concept, the M22XDL-350 overcomes the limitations of 8-bit greyscale imaging to enhance inspection accuracy and reliability.

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