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Publication Date:09/1/2007
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Identco Intros Industrial Thermal Printers
Industrial label printer.
Ingleside, IL — Identco International is introducing its own line of thermal transfer printers. The ELP (Electronic Label Printer) printers include three models: 220, 320 and 620, with three different dpi formats. The printers deliver durable printhead performance, can print smaller labels with ease and are available at an attractive economical price.

The ELP620 printer's micro-miniature printing capabilities follow the electronics marketplace trend to reduce the size of circuit boards and components. Micro-miniature labels can be printed clearly, accurately and with high integrity.

The ELP 220, 320, and 620 are extremely functional, easy-to-use and easily maintained at the user facility. Additional attachments are simply integrated onto the printer within minutes. Wear parts like the printhead and the platen rollers have a two-year warranty while other printers on the market typically offer one year or less. The printers all come equipped with multiple connection capabilities including serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet and wireless. A special feature unique to this new line of printers is the "standalone" mode. The printer can print a "static" label, same label over and over, or a "variable" label with serialized or sequential information on each label without the need of a host PC or network connection. This can save hundreds of dollars for the user at each station in the shop.

For more information, contact: Identco International Inc., 28164 W. Concrete Drive, Ingleside, IL 600041 815-385-0011 fax: 815-385-0359 E-mail: Web:

See at ATE Booth #1311.

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