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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Assembling a First Article Test Plan

First Article Test (FAT) plans are often required when selling an end product to a branch of the armed services or other industries. For first-timers, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Here we will provide guidance...
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Changing In-Circuit Testing to Meet Design Changes

In the course of electronics manufacturing, printed circuit boards are exposed to a process of continual change...
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Don't Give Up on China

With all the bad news about products coming in from China in the last three months, there really seems that no negative stone has been left unturned! If we look at this objectively, we are going to see that there have been problems, very serious problems. There have been excuses and there are very ...Read More
First Pass Success with Hi-Rel Circuits

Many electronics assemblers have turned to selective soldering as a replacement for wavesoldering of selected underside areas or through-hole components using pallets. There are a number of reasons for this: custom pallets are expensive, the wavesoldering process...
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