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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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JKL Intros PCB Strip Mount LEDs

Pacoima, CA — JKL Components Corporation has released a new line of PC board-strip mounted LEDs. They can be used as a complete strip or cut into 10 separate smaller 3-chip boards. The LED modules can be ordered pre-cut to specified lengths. The devices run on 12VDC, have a 120° viewing angle, ...Read More
New PTFE Terminals from Keystone

Astoria, NY — A broad selection of rugged, press-in type PTFE (Teflon) insulated terminals for high temperature and high quality terminal and connector applications is now available from Keystone Electronics Corporation. Engineered for high density packaging on 0.062 and 0.093 through-hole PC boards ...Read More
Kycon Expands DC Power Connector Line

San Jose, CA — Kycon is introducing the KPJX-PM Series of DC power connectors, which allows for greater design flexibility. The new connectors are available as a 3-pin or 4-pin option and as a shielded or unshielded shell...
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Low-Noise Power Supply from Lambda

San Diego, CA — Lambda has introduced a new family of low cost, low noise and low profile 600-watt single output AC-DC power supplies that meet a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including LED displays/signage, self-serve kiosks, automatic test equipment (ATE) and factory automation ...Read More
Melexis: Vibration Motor Driver IC

Concord, NH --  A new low-power-consuming vibrator element for cell phones has been introduced by Melexis, the MLX90283, which reportedly brings new capabilities in packaging and power efficiency to this ubiquitous feature. This single phase brushless vibration motor driver IC allows increased battery ...
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Step-Down Switching Regulators from Murata

Smyrna, GA — New 78SR Series 2A switching regulators that provide high operating efficiency for applications requiring 3.3V or 5V outputs, at 2 Amps or less, from 8 to 32V inputs have been introduced by Murata Power Solutions (formerly C and D's Power Electronic division). At a nominal 12V input ...Read More
NKK Releases Short-Stroke LED Switches

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has introduced the new KP02 series of audio/video pushbutton switches that actuate with a shorter stroke. The new switches are the newest additions to the company's KP series and expands the number of illuminated product offerings. According to the company, the new switches were developed because of the need for a shorter stroke in many audio/video applications...
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Norplex-Micarta Intros Static Dissipative Composite

Postville, IA — Norplex-Micarta has introduced a new static dissipative material, StatNot XC, which can be combined with existing Norplex-Micarta materials, such as the NP510A fiberglass epoxy composite. Developed in partnership with a leading specialty coating company, the new composite surface ...Read More
Omega Engineering: Panel-Mount Programmable Timers

Stamford, CT — New from Omega Engineering is the PTC900 timer and PTC901 clock/timer, with many performance capabilities that are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Both timers can be programmed as an elapsed or preset timer, and have 12- or 24-hour...
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Omega Shielding: Large Enclosure EMI Gasket

Randolph, NJ — Omega Shielding Products' extreme-duty 99-840 finger stock is a highly-effective EMI shielding gasket that is engineered for large enclosures that commonly have significant gap fluctuations between mating surfaces. This low compression force gasket provides a dynamic deflection range ...Read More
New SMD Rotary DIP Switches from Omron

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronic Components LLC is introducing the new A6RS series of gull-winged terminal surface mounted (SMD) rotary DIP switches for static function-select settings on control boards. These top-actuated switches are available with flat or extended shafts, 10 position (decimal ...Read More
Onanon: Lead-Free And Compliant Pin Technology

Milpitas, CA — Onanon Inc. has newly renovated its line of smooth sliding, fast holding press-fit compliant pin connectors. Compliant pin technology has stood the test of time by providing press-fit connections that withstand thermal shock, vibration and humidity. The company has improved this 20-year old technology ...Read More
Pickering Intros Compact BRIC2 Matrix

Clacton on Sea, UK — Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI switch matrix solutions with the introduction of a new addition to its 40-560/561/562 series BRIC range. The new BRIC2 matrices occupy two slots of a PXI chassis and provide a more compact solution and cost effective for matrix ...Read More
Prem: New Switchmode Transformers

Johnsburg, IL — Prem Magnetics, Inc. has introduced a new printed circuit mount transformer for AC-to-DC Converter applications. The SPP-3004 is designed for use in conjunction with the TNY254 TinySwitch integrated off-line switching power supply chip from Power Integrations, Inc. The device ...Read More
Power-One Intros Guardian DC Power Systems

Camarillo, CA — Power-One, Inc. has introduced the Guardian Series of DC power systems. These 48V solutions are available in shelf, rack, and cabinet configurations. Power densities exceeding 27 watts per cubic-in., or 25kW per one rack unit, maximize the system space dedicated to revenue-generating equipment ...Read More
Richco Intros New Panel Fastener

Morton Grove, IL — Richco, Inc. is introducing its new FQT series Panel Fasteners, Quarter Turn. The FQT simultaneously installs in both panel and frame with a hammer-tap on the head of the fastener. With a screwdriver or coin, a quarter turn releases the panel, yet retains the fastener in the removable panel ...Read More
Schurter: Smallest Fuse for Overcurrent Protection

Santa Rosa, CA — Schurter Inc. is introducing the USF 0402 surface mount fuse, making it the smallest new member in the company's USF family. This tiny new addition performs with a Super Quick Acting (FF) characteristic at rated currents ranging from 0.375 to 4A at 32VDC, 5A at 24VDC. The fuse providesoptimal overcurrent protection in extremely dense secondary circuits, such as in consumer...
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Sullins Releases New Hi-Temp Connectors

San Marcos, CA — Sullins Electronics has added bi-level edgecard connectors with staggered, dip solder contacts. The parts are the newest members of the company's expanding offering of bi-level components for high-temperature applications, which includes straight and...
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Ticona Vectra® Withstands Lead-Free Soldering

Florence, KY — Injection molded LED packages for high-brightness lighting applications must withstand temperatures above 260°C during lead-free soldering and be produced in fine detail with great precision. To do this with the millions of LED open-cavity packages...
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Tracopower Intros 5 Watt SMT DC-DC Converter

Santa Clara, CA — Tracopower is introducing its new TES-5 series of High-Performance DC-DC converters offering 6 Watts of output power in a compact surface mount package measuring only 1.29 x 0.83 x 0.39-in. The small size and high performance specifications make these converters especially suitable for distributed ...Read More
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