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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Hover-Davis Feedermaster Tests and Calibrates Feeders
Rochester, NY — Feedermaster HD from Hover-Davis empowers users to carry out their own maintenance programs without having to ship their feeders back to the manufacturer for costly repairs. This ensures long-term placement accuracy when working with demanding components such as 0210/0402, as well as simplifying production logistics and improving yields. Feedermaster HD is easy to operate via its multilingual software system.

Feedermaster HD is an off-line feeder setup and calibration station to dynamically test, calibrate and set up Siplace and Hover-Davis SSF tape feeders at real machine speed — up to 30,000 cph — by a simulation of the machine's operational conditions. Feedermaster HD is configured as a modular, self-contained work station. This is an innovative departure from manufacturers' proprietary test jigs. Now, users can exercise their feeders in real time, like on their real machines to ensure high-accuracy pickup and assess and improve feeder performance for 0201/0402 components before they reach production. According to the company, the tool is easy to operate, and comes complete with a multilingual menu-driven software system that is accessible on-screen.

The Feedermaster's full-color camera has an adjustable field of vision, and is placed on a precision lead screw, it lets the user view and adjust the pickup position in static mode. The TFT monitor, eliminates cumbersome microscope viewing and gives a clear and bright image of the target area, highlighted by fully configurable crosshairs that can be locked in position. Color, shape and position are easily adjusted via directional arrows. By selecting the dynamic test function mode, the feeder will then be indexed at full production speed. This exposes any potential pick problems before the feeder goes to the placement machine.

The system is delivered with a high-precision reference jig, etched with the pickup positions of single-, dual- and triple-lane feeders. Set-up and calibration of triple-lane feeders is simplified by a set of slip gauges to align the camera over the pick point for the center and right lanes.

The unit is available with a printer function to keep track of feeder maintenance by labeling feeders as they are tested and calibrated. A setting gauge is available for Siemens feeders that require the motor to be removed for calibration — which is not required for Hover-Davis SSF feeders. A range of precision gauge tapes is also available. Etched with positional information they replace component tapes as calibration aids and are far more accurate.

Precise double-sided, empty pocket tapes are also available to allow setting up and testing feeders without wasting any valuable components.

The unit's physical dimensions are 550 x 470 x 475mm and it weighs 25kg. Power requirements are just 100/220VAC. Compressed air is not required.

For more information, contact: Hover-Davis, Inc., 100 Paragon Drive, Rochester, NY 14624 585-352-9590 fax: 585-352-4870 E-mail: Web:

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