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Publication Date: 10/1/2007
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Focused IR Rework Technology from PDR
Shingle Springs, CA — PDR is launching its new, high-end system for SMT/BGA rework, together with a range of new and improved tools, accessories and systems designed specifically to simplify the most demanding, most profit-critical tasks within electronics manufacturing today. The company's new semi-automated high-end BGA rework system builds on the success of existing X410 and X310 systems.

New features on this system include new pickup system with improved mechanics, ergonomics and accuracy, as well as interchangeable pick-up heads that can deal with anything from large BGAs down to the smallest CSPs, 0201s and 01005s. Non-contact thermal sensors track precise component and board temperatures in real time, including the company's latest IR sensor with integrated LED targeting. With its tiny 2mm diameter measuring spot, this sensor is capable of measuring the temperature accurately on even the smallest CSPs Part of the new system is a state-of-the-art split-beam prism BGA alignment system with improved ergonomics, together with higher accuracy XY and theta movements. A new process observation CCTV camera provides high magnification, oblique viewing and enhanced illumination.

Key to the new system are the company's instantaneously controllable IR heaters and its powerful but simple ThermoActiv V3 closed-loop automatic process control software that together ensure that the PC board and target component temperatures ramp accurately within just 2°C of the target profile at all times — necessary to guarantee safe, damage-free reflow.

The company is also launching a range of new lower-cost SMT/BGA rework systems and equipment. These include a new IR Hand Tool whose improved process control and auxiliary hand-held temperature sensor allows operators added precision in applying the right amount of thermal power to precisely where it is needed, for the correct amount of time. This is critical considering the narrow processing windows within which reflow professionals must work, and is instrumental in ensuring that they process components and boards quickly and safely without damaging them through overheating.

For more information, contact: PDR America, White Industrial Corporation, 3869 Dividend Drive, Shingle Springs, CA 95682 877-700-6085 or 530-676-6262 fax: 530-676-6265 E-mail: sales@pdr-america.com Web:

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