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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Flexible or Dedicated AOI: Making the Decision

In the search to find what kind of AOI system was really needed by our customers, we had to consider two opposing viewpoints: provide AOI for fixed locations in the assembly process, or provide AOI systems with maximum flexibility, so they can be moved around. But the...
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Integrating Video Microscopy and Digital Imaging

There has been a major shift in video microscopy over the past decade. Because of advances in imaging technology, video microscopy coupled with digital imaging is moving...
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One-Man Continuity Tester: Born from Necessity

Continuity testers are simple devices, with the basic model often consisting of a multimeter and an assistant standing at the ready with jumper wires at the other end of whatever needs testing — sometimes with a walkie-talkie. Trying to do this job without an assistant and with...
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X-Ray Inspection: Making It Work

The benefits of x-ray inspection are broad in scope because of the ability of x-rays to see through packages, including: encapsulation, heat sinks and metallic shielding to reveal obscured connections and identify potential quality issues non-destructively...  
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