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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Micropelt: Ultra-Small Peltier Coolers

Freiburg, Germany — Micropelt GmbH has made a significant technology leap with its ultra-small, microchip thermoelectric coolers (TECs). The new MPC-D303 Series, one of the company's smallest TECs with a cold side area of only 0.98 square millimeters (mm2), supports a maximum temperature ...Read More
Murata Xformer for Analog Devices Xceiver

Mansfield, MA — Murata Power Solutions (formerly C&D Technologies' Power Electronics Division) has introduced a new series of transformers that simplify implementation of isolated RS-485 and RS-422 interfaces based on Analog Devices chipsets, by eliminating the need to select, compare and test alternative ...Read More
Northwire Expands DataCELL Field Cable Line

Osceola, WI — Northwire, Inc. has expanded its DataCELL Field rugged cable product line to include a CC-Link, high-flex-life mid ODVA DeviceNet as well as new nominal 100aΩ and 80Ω Foundation fieldbus® cables. The CC-Link cables are available as standard network cable and network cable ...Read More
NTE Expands Cable Tie Line

Bloomfield, NJ — NTE Electronics, Inc. has expanded its cable tie product line to make it into a comprehensive one-stop-shop for meeting all cable tie and accessory needs. The line includes traditional nylon ties as well as reusable hook and loop ties, in a variety of sizes and colors.Read More
Omega Intros Mini IR Transmitters

Stamford, CT — New from Omega Engineering, the OS100E Series miniature infrared transmitters measure a temperature range of -18 to 538°C (0 to 1000°F). All models have a remotely mounted infrared sensor head connected to a high-performance...
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EMI Contact Rings from Omega Shielding

Randolph, NJ — Omega Shielding Products is introducing a versatile series of 22 electrically conductive contact rings for broad-ranging microwave cavity, tuning and EMI shielding applications. The beryllium copper rings are manufactured from the company's standard finger stock gasket styles. Once ...Read More
Phaseda Intros Mini Toggles

Beaverton, OR — Phaseda LLC is introducing its MS-series miniature toggle switch. These toggle switches have many function options, including Single Pole and Double Pole, On/Off, On/On, On/Off/On and momentary. Terminals are solder lug, PC through-hole type. It has UL rating at 5A 125VAC and is fully ...Read More
PI Brochure Details Hexapod Positioners & Robots

Auburn, MA — PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has released a new brochure on Hexapod 6-Axis Parallel Kinematics Robots and Positioning Systems. The Hexapod system, (also known as Stewart Platform), which is supplied with a special motion controller, has unique features when compared to a stacked series ...Read More
Pickering Intros New Compact Matrix

Clacton on Sea, UK — Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI switch matrix solutions with a new addition to its 40-560/561/562 series BRIC range. The new BRIC2 matrices occupy two slots of a PXI chassis and provide a more compact and cost effective solution for matrix applications not ...Read More
Schaefer: New Converters, Chargers

Ashland, MA — Schaefer, Inc. has introduced the C300 and B300 Series of 150W DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, and battery chargers. The C300 DC/DC product line has 7 DC input ranges of 10-16V, 18-36V, 36-75V, 45-90V, 80-160V, 160-320V, and 320-380V with...  
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Stahlin Expands Hole Plug Line

Belding, MI — Stahlin's Fiberglass Hole Plug solves a particular problem: electrical enclosures that have extra holes in them either from incorrect drilling or intentional drilling of extra holes require component hole plugs to maintain original enclosure integrity by sealing against entry of dust ...Read More
UEI: 32-Channel Analog Output Board

Walpole, MA — United Electronic Industries (UEI) has released the DNA-AO-332 high density analog output board. The board provides 32 channels of 16-bit resolution analog output with a ±10V output range. The new board is capable of driving ±10 mA while per-channel digital offset and gain calibration ...Read More
Ultravolt Intros HV Precision Supplies

Ronkonkoma, NY — UltraVolt, Inc. has developed a line of precision, enhanced power supplies — the "E" Series — operating from 0 to 1kV through 0 to 15kV at 4 watts, 15/20 watts, or 30 watts.Read More
VIA Intros 1-Watt Embedded Processor

Taipei, Taiwan — VIA Technologies, Inc. has added a 500MHz processor to the company's ultra low voltage (ULV) processor family. With an idle power of just 0.1 watt, the new processor has been designed from the ground up to meet the low power requirements of a wide range of industrial, commercial ...Read More
SCCR-rated Terminal Fuse Blocks from Weidmuller

Richmond, VA — Weidmuller is now offering DIN-rail mounted fuse terminal blocks for equipment requiring fast overload protection. The WSI 25 fuse terminal blocks accept 13/32 x 1.5-in. (10.3 x 38mm) Class CC fuses and have a Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) of 200kA. They are designed for high ...Read More
Ultra-Wide Input DC/DC Converters from XP

Littleton, MA — XP Power has introduced its new JTH15 series of 15-Watt DC/DC converters. Fitting into a metal cased compact 2 x 1-in. (50.8 x 25.4mm) footprint, they are suited to low power, board mounted designs. The series can accommodate a wide 4:1 range of input voltages, from 9 to 36VDC or ...Read More
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