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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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FastPic Inventory Control Software
Software maximizes space utilization.
Westbrook, ME — FastPic IC inventory control software from FastPic Systems provides electronic users with dynamic space management tools to make maximum use of available storage space, especially in Remstar's vertical carousel storage systems. The software creates a graphic representation of storage and retrieval system shelves and totes that allows users to visually re-arrange them to achieve optimum storage density.

This rearrangement effectively allows the user to store a maximum number of SKUs in the unit. Users can drag and drop totes onto virtual shelves to quickly determine the best storage mix, increasing the overall storage density of the unit and maximizing floor space utilization. The software also allows users to drill into a cell to specify its contents, reducing the time required for initial loading of the storage and retrieval system. Shelf and tote configurations can be easily copied when multiples of the same configurations are required for maximum storage and picking efficiency.

With the software's color mapping feature, users can graphically see the location of free space in the storage and retrieval unit, and re-configure shelves to take advantage of unused space.

The software provides complete inventory control for increased levels of productivity, inventory turns, picking accuracy and inventory security. Inventory levels can be managed by part, work zone, operator, or time period. Seamless integration with automated storage and retrieval systems allows operators to enter or scan a part name, number or description into the system and have items automatically delivered. The software is designed to work independently or to be integrated into existing ERP, WMS or other host systems.

For more information, contact: Remstar International, Inc., 41 Eisenhower Dr., Westbrook, ME 04092 800-639-5805 or 207-854-1861 fax: 207-854-1610 Web:

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