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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Schleuniger Intros New Cut & Strip Machine
Automatic cut and strip machine.
Manchester, NH — Schleuniger's new OmniStrip 9450 is a compact, flexible cut-and-strip machine which can process a wide range of wire and cable applications. With the benefit of the indexing cutter head and flexible programming, all types of applications can be easily programmed and processed. The intuitive user interface has standard templates for common processes and also allows the user to define processes for more complex applications. The new machine includes Raw Material and Processing Libraries, making it easer to program and edit multiple jobs. The libraries are set up as a database, which allows simple programming of complex operations.

The unit is an electrically powered machine that does not require compressed air. Multiple blade sets can be mounted on the indexing cutter head and selected automatically during operation. Belt type transport units provide precise and gentle cable transport while offering excellent traction.

According to the company, the price/performance ratio guarantees high production throughput and flexibility for the user. The tooling is compatible with the company's entire PowerStrip family, covering a wide range of applications. In addition, customer-specific devices can be controlled by the machine. The unit is suitable as a standalone machine or in combination with various accessories (marking, coiling, stacking, etc.) to create a fully automatic cable processing line.

For more information, contact: Schleuniger, 87 Colin Dr., Manchester, NH 03103 603-668-8117 fax: 603-668-8119 Web:

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