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Publication Date: 12/1/2007
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Imaje Intros Next Gen Laser Coder
Laser-inscribed PET bottle.
Kennesaw, GA — Imaje is extending its third generation CO2 laser coder product line with the Imaje 7031S, the coder for marking containers made from PET — PolyEthylene

Terephthalate, a recyclable plastic. There has been a sharp rise (of +600 percent) in the use of PET in the mineral water and soft drinks industry in the last 10 years.

To meet this increasing market demand, the laser coder has been designed with specific wavelength properties to make legible contrast print on PET bottles.

The 7031S, the latest addition to the company's CO2 laser coder 7000 Series includes such innovations as a 3rd generation print head operating at temperatures up to 35°C, an innovative modular design for easy integration onto production lines, and an intuitive user interface for easy menu navigation and enhanced ease-of-use.

The system's specific wavelength makes the laser beam particularly efficient on PET; the contrast of the codes is enhanced, with bolder fonts that consumers find very easy to read, irrespective of whether bottles contain light or dark liquid. The marking time is very short, leading to very high throughput speeds (up to 80,000 bottles/hour).

The system operates at high speeds implying it can mark every bottle, without exception, even small-format ones (33 cl).The laser beam burns very little material (marking depth: 20 µm), thereby keeping the PET intact and preserving the mechanical characteristics of the bottles.

For more information, contact: Imaje, 1650 Airport Rd., #101, Kennesaw, GA 30144 770-421-7700 fax: 770-421-7702 Web:

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