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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Omron Intros Slim Line 5 Amp Relay

Schaumburg, IL — Omron Electronic Components LLC has introduced the G5T series of slim power PC board relays measuring just 7.0 x 20.4 x 15.0mm (WLH) making them especially suitable for high density applications. The relays have been designed to deliver up to a 50 percent cost savings to OEMs as ...
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New Fast Piezo Stages from PI

Auburn, MA — PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. has introduced a new family of ultrasonic piezo-motor-driven linear stages: Models M-663, M-664 and M-682 provide travel ranges to 50mm in a very compact package. Typical applications include: automation, medical devices, analytical equipment, bio-technology ...Read More
Pickering Adds 2 Microwave Mux

Clacton on Sea, UK — Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of LXI compliant switching products with the introduction of the 60-800 and 60-820 Microwave Multiplexer platforms. Both platforms each support up to sixteen 6-channel microwave multiplexers in a compact 2U form factor. The 60-800 supports ...Read More
Protek Intros Medical Power Supplies

Hudson, MA — Protek Power has introduced the PMP150 Series of medically approved desktop AC/DC power supplies, which pack an incredible 150 Watts of power into an ultra-compact 3.00 x 8.17 x 1.72-in. package. The new power supplies have active power factor correction, a 90-264VAC input, and offer ...Read More
Power Sources Releases Triple Output Supply

Wrentham, MA — Power Sources Unlimited is introducing the Cincon CFM60T Series of 60W AC/DC power supplies, offering triple outputs in a space efficient 2 x 4-in. package that fits easily into today's compact instrumentation, process control, data...
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Power-One Intros Digital POL Converters

Camarillo, CA — Power-One, Inc. is introducing six new high-efficiency digital POL converters in its ZY2000 "no-bus" and ZY8000 bus-programmable series. These Z-One® Digital POLs provide from 5 to 40 amps for server and communications applications, augmenting the high-current-density 60-amp models ...Read More
RF Industries: MIL Grade 75-Ω Mini SMBs

San Diego, CA — RF Connectors' 75-ohm SMB connectors are now available in a wide range of configurations including plugs, right-angle plugs, and PC board jacks and are suitable for use in applications with a frequency range up to 4GHz. The 75-Ω SMBs provide consistent low mating and un-mating force ...Read More
Parallelable Pure Sine Wave Inverter from Schaefer

Ashland, MA — Schaefer, Inc. is introducing the InverTek 1000, a pure sine wave inverter with a power rating of 1000W, which can be paralleled for ease of integrating additional units as application demands increase. Pure sine wave outputs ensure clean, utility grade power...
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Schunk: New Automation Angular Gripper Sizes

Morrisville, NC — Schunk has introduced new sizes of the 2-finger angular gripper — sizes 10 and 12, which complete the efficient spectrum of pneumatic angular grippers type SWG by two more sizes. The SWG grippers stand out through their low weight and high gripping torque allowing high cycle ...Read More
SKF: Linear Motion Solutions

Bethlehem, PA — SKF® linear motion solutions is now customizing its entire line of guiding systems that include linear ball bearings, profile rail guides (standard or miniature), and precision rail guides. These enable precise linear positioning and smooth operation of equipment for the medical ...
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Taiyo Yuden: New Smaller Inductors for FPDs

Schaumburg, IL — Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.), Inc. has introduced the NR6045T series of 6 x 6 x 4.5mm wire-wound power inductors for DC-DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat panel displays (FPDs). The 14 models in the series offer an excellent selection of low DC resistance ...Read More
Tyco/Raychem Intros 1st ESD & Overcurrent Layout

Menlo Park, CA — Tyco Electronics' Raychem Division has introduced a reference layout for ESD and overcurrent protection for HDMI 1.3 interfaces. It utilizes the company's low-capacitance (0.25pF signal to ground) PESD protection devices, and space-effective component placement and routing to ...Read More
Ultravolt Improves Power Supply Ripple Specs

Ronkonkoma, NY — UltraVolt, Inc. has made significant improvements in the ripple specifications of its 10A-25A Series and its 30A-40A Series modules. Ripple on high-voltage power supplies with 10kV to 40kV output has been reduced by 20 percent to 80 percent vs. the previous specifications, giving ...Read More
Unipower Intros GMT Fuse Panel

Coral Springs, FL — Latest distribution panel series from Unipower Corp. is designed for users who need, or prefer, front panel connections. The DPGF1U Series provides distribution and overload protection for six or 12 circuits and the 1U high unit can be mounted in either a 19 or 23-in. rack. The ...Read More
High Density Power Supply from XP Power

Littleton, MA — XP Power SDC320 AC/DC power supply offers a choice of four formats, two using convection cooling or system airflow and two with internal fan cooling. The compact 320W unit, measuring just 4 x 6 x 1.5-in. (101.6 x 152.4 x 38.10mm) for the U-channel model, has a power density of 8.9 ...Read More
Zetex High Current, Low Voltage PNP Transistors

Hauppauge, NY — Zetex Semiconductors has added a new pair of low voltage PNP transistors to its line of low saturation, high current SOT23FF devices. The ZXTP25020CFF and ZXTP19020DFF combine standard SOT23 footprints with a reduced off-board height of less than 1mm. The devices reduce component ...
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