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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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FocalSpot Intros Horizontal X-Ray Inspection System
Horizontal X-ray inspection system .
San Diego, CA — FocalSpot, Inc. has introduced the Verifier H Series, horizontal-beam x-ray inspection system designed for industrial, automotive and medical applications. The system is designed to provide manufacturing quality assessment and defect detection of components and assemblies, such as inkjet cartridges, automotive sensors, castings, electronic modules and electro-mechanical devices, and medical assemblies like pacemakers and other mission critical devices.

The 4-Axis, 360° sample manipulator provides detailed quality inspection and defect analysis from nearly unlimited viewpoints. The inspection system is offered in two configurations: 75kV (FSX-H75) for general purpose applications or 90kV (FSX-H90) for applications requiring additional power to penetrate dense/thick materials and additional resolution/magnification for applications requiring fine-detail.

The system comes standard with a PC-based VIP Image Processor. VIP provides tools for image enhancement, measurement, analysis, data collection and reporting. VIP makes use of configuration wizards to assist the operator in defining pass/fail inspection criteria, making the Verifier H exceptionally easy-to-learn and use.

For more information, contact: FocalSpot, Inc., 9915 Businesspark Ave., Ste. A, San Diego, CA 92131. 858-536-5050 fax: 858-536-5054 E-mail: Web:

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