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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Mydata's Jet Printer Gets Updated
Stencil-free jet printer.
Rowley, MA — Mydata Automation'sas MY500 jet printer, a stencil-free printer, applies solder paste directly to PC boards — offering many advantages over the industry's standard screen printers. It uses a patented Jet Printing Technology® to shoot volumes of solder paste up to 500 dots per second (1.8 million dots/h). The machine makes it possible for the electronics manufacturing industry to more quickly optimize solder paste application processes.

Because the MY500 Jet Printer needs no stencils, operators can change the print program in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, they can control the volume of solder paste deposits for each pad — an "on-demand" benefit that is not possible with conventional screen printers.

With greater PC board design flexibility, more precise solder paste placement and complete off-line preparation, the second generation of Mydata's MY500 offers a vast array of ways to improve profitability. According to the company, the system provides better process control, to increase accuracy and quality, and the off-line programming allows setups and changeovers to be accomplished in seconds.

Every production run can be started and completed as efficiently as possible. This will give users of the MY500 a clear competitive advantage and the ability to serve their customers with a very fast response time. The system will also free up resources, leaving operators with more time for other responsibilities.

For more information, contact: Mydata Automation, Inc., 320 Newburyport Tpk., Rowley, MA 01969 978-948-6919 fax: 978-948-6915 Web:

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