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Publication Date: 02/1/2008
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Viscom Intros Hi-Thruput AOI System
User-friendly AOI system. ?
Norcross, GA — Viscom has introduced the new S3088-II high-speed AOI system, successor model of the S3088. With its numerous new features, including the company's 8M sensor technology and EasyPro3D user interface, the system guarantees fast and reliable post-reflow, post-print or post-placement inspection. It offers full inspection of assemblies on PC boards up to 450 x 350mm (17.72 x 13.78-in.).

According to the company, a completely reworked system design makes the performance of the machine extremely stable, even at top speeds. The new, higher-performance 8M sensor technology, introduced with this system, meets today's requirements for extremely short cycle times. OnDemandHR-Operation enables a resolution of 11.7 or 23.4µm/pixel at the same image size to be chosen for each analysis. With this feature, the AOI system also meets future needs, allowing inspection of components as small as 01005. In addition, the system offers color evaluation as standard.

The user-friendly operator interface comes equipped with Automatic Parameter Optimization (APO) and a comprehensive inspection library. This feature enables simple, three-step program creation. In its basic version, the inspection library contains more than 1,000 component types and takes into account IPC standards for components and solder joints.

At the repair station, ValidCompareMode provides the operator with an archived image as a direct good-board reference. This makes defect evaluation and confirmation considerably easier, especially for a semi-skilled operator. Another major feature, TrustedChange integrated verification, automatically simplifies the reduction of false calls and ensures a zero-escape strategy. TrustedChange also allows the quality of the inspection program to be confirmed at any time, whether for production or for documentation during customer audits. Add-on modules include a repair and post-classification station, off-line programming and VPC statistical process control.

For more information, contact: Viscom USA, 3290 Green Pointe Parkway, Suite 400, Norcross, GA 30092 678-966-9835; fax:678-966-9828. Web:

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