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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Vitronics Soltec Launches Enhanced Reflow System

Stratham, NH — Vitronics Soltec has introduced an enhanced XPM2 Reflow System called the XPM2+ — a better, leaner-looking machine with enhancements to its conveyor system, cooling system, electrical control system, software and user interface. In addition...
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Amtech Intros Hi-Performance Solder Paste

Branford, CT — Amtech Solder Products, Inc. has developed NC 560-LF, a no-clean, lead-free solder paste designed specifically to improve solder joint reliability and printing characteristics with all Pb-Free PC board metallization. The new solder paste reportedly delivers excellent lot-to-lot and stencil printing consistency, along with superior print performance characteristics.
According to the company, the solder paste...
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Ascentech Intros Solder Paste Analyzer

Chester, CT — Ascentech, LLC, North American distributor for the GEN3 Systems Ltd. products, is introducing new solderability test equipment. The premier new product is the ShareGen SPA 1000 Solderpaste Analyzer, which provides fast and accurate testing to help control and manage solder paste inthe production process. It helps reduce a range of defects including missing components, tombstoning, component misalignment, and non-wetting...
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Austin American Intros New Cleaning Technology

Burnet, TX — Austin American Technology (AAT) has introduced a new cleaning technology. Dubbed Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED), this new approach specifically addresses the industry's latest challenges of cleaning around and under tightly spaced components in a lead-free environment. PED began with computational ...Read More
Cobar: New Lead-Free Silver-Free Solder Paste

Breda, The Netherlands — Cobar BV, a member of the Balver Zinn Group, has introduced XF3 lead-free solder paste, developed to accommodate extended reflow profiles without the use of nitrogen. XF3 completes the family of Cobar products based on Nihon Superior's patented SN100C-alloy. SN100C has demonstrated ...Read More
Dynatech Adds Samsung SM400 Series Platform

Horsham PA — Dynatech Technology, the exclusive North American distributor of SMT solutions from Samsung, is introducing the SM400 Series, designed on the SMART platform. The system provides a simple and easy operating environment with a modular design to provide high availability with reliable production ...Read More
Exerra Releases Upgraded SMT Setup Software

Alpharetta, GA — Exerra, Inc. is introducing enhanced printer software that takes the complexity out of the process of building simple printing recipes. The new user interface simplifies the creation of new process programming, and the change-over process to old printer recipes. Suitable for the novice user ...Read More
Glenbrook Adds New X-Ray Capabilities

Randolph, NJ — Glenbrook Technologies is introducing the advanced capabilities of its new, more compact JewelBox real-time x ray inspection series. The inspection system allows users to examine internal solder joints and bonds in advanced technology packages. Both JewelBox systems provide geometric ...Read More
IAC: Ergonomic Rolling Carts

Brea, CA — IAC Industries has introduced a new color lineup for its Dimension 4 Rolling Carts family that keep raw materials, manufacturing supplies and finished products moving. Suitable for any environment with the need for mobile product or equipment, these rolling carts and storage carts also ...Read More
Micro Care: High-Performance Cleaning with Zero Organics

New Britain, CT — LubriClean from Micro Care Corp., is a mild precision defluxer and degreaser engineered for most industrial surfaces. It is one of the few non-aqueous cleaners available anywhere, from any vendor, that is completely VOC-exempt. Based on the popular siloxane solvents from Dow ...Read More
Microscope Store Intros Inspection Systems

Wirtz, VA — The Microscope Store, LLC is introducing two new Omano microscope systems designed specifically for electronic component inspection and soldering. Both microscopes are priced at less than 50 percent of major competing brands. The Omano OMPCB 23/99 electronic inspection microscope is a complete inspection ...Read More
Novastar Adds Machine Vision to Autoplacer

Huntingdon Valley, PA — APS Novastar has added Cognex machine vision to its L-Series pick-and-place system to provide vision centering. Bottom, top, on-the-fly, or fly-by centering options are all available, depending on the application, process and budget. According to the company, the system assures precise ...Read More
Photo Stencil: New BGA/QFN Repair Method

Colorado Springs, CO — A cost-effective repair tool that provides an alternative repair/rework method for BGA and QFN components has been developed by Photo Stencil. Described in a technical presentation, the tool provides for applying solder paste directly onto the component using a unique repair tool that ...Read More
QuickStencil Offers Prototype Kits

Liberty Lake, WA — QuickStencil has developed what it calls an SMT assembly factory in the box. The company offers an affordable prototype stencil including a kit with solder paste and other components, so the professional and the novice alike can quickly and easily produce the stencil needed for assembling ...Read More
Seho: Smart, Programmable Wave Soldering System

Ashland, VA — Seho PowerSelective "smart" wavesoldering system offers highly flexible selective soldering offering what the company calls absolutely reproducible results along with high solder quality. The soldering system is provided with either a batch conveyor system or an inline conveyor system to be integrated ...Read More
Sipad Now Cuts Stencils to Order

Alpharetta, GA — SIPAD Systems Inc. has purchased a T-8 Fiber Laser bringing stencil manufacturing in house. The SIPAD process uses a stencil to apply paste. The laser system will not only accommodate in-house needs, but now the company is offering stencil manufacturing services to the local Atlanta market ...Read More
Smart Sonic Intros 100% Closed-Loop Stencil Cleaner

Canoga Park, CA — Smart Sonic is unveiling the EnviroGuard, a 100 percent Closed-loop stencil cleaner. According to the company, it is the first and only aqueous stencil cleaner able to clean all types of solder paste with a 100 percent closed-loop process — wash and rinse. The company hasmatched the special properties of its 440-R® SMT detergent to a... 
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Viscom: High-Thruput AOI System

Atlanta, GA — Viscom's new S3088-II high-speed AOI system, successor to the original S3088, has numerous new features, including Viscom 8M sensor technology and EasyPro3D user interface. According to the company, the system guarantees fast and reliable post-reflow, post-print or post-placement inspection. It offers full inspection of assemblies on PC boards up to 450 x 350mm...
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X-Tek: Advanced Viewing Capabilities

Tyngsboro, MA — X-Tek is showing the advanced viewing capabilities of the Revolution X-ray inspection system. The company has added a Quad View facility and dual LCD monitors to the Revolution system to enhance its viewing capabilities and user friendly appeal. The Quad View facility allows 4 images comparison for operators, and is supported by dual LCD monitors that provide a means to separate X-ray images from the software...
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AccuAssembly Intros Baking Dry Box

Whitby, Ontario, Canada — AccuAssembly's hot new product is a baking Dry Box, which bake parts at 40°C, while they are being stored at 5 percent relative humidity or less. The advantages of 40°C are: the accumulated baking time is unlimited; all reels, trays and sticks can go through 40°C; the temperature ...Read More
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