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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Gathering Support for Our Industry
Jacob Fattal, Publisher
While it's hard to quantify trade shows, the APEX/IPC Designer's Summit has to rank as one of the most important shows for our industry. To have the show in Las Vegas certainly gives it the imprimatur of a worldwide industry leader. Last year's LA show was just a bump in the road for this gathering that is now in a venue that is richly deserved for our industry.

This show has been gathering support, strength and momentum right from its early beginnings in San Diego. An important reason for this is that APEX is a gathering of and by the IPC members; as a trade association, there is no hidden agenda or corporate profit motive lurking in the wings. The show started at the request of IPC's member companies, and as such has proven itself to be totally responsive to the needs of its member-exhibitors. It reportedly started in response to member complaints about rising costs in other trade shows — shows that soon disappeared in the face of real competition.

This year's APEX Show is a special one for U.S. Tech. It is our first APEX since starting our Chinese edition, which now circulates by Internet to nearly 200,000 engineers, designers, decision-makers and plant managers in China. The level of acceptance of this venture has been gratifying. We now have representatives for the Chinese edition in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Chicago.

Translating every word of every issue into Mandarin is an exacting task handled by a team of Chinese publishing professionals. This is not something that can be performed by a computer, and as a result, the Mandarin edition does not suffer from the "computerized translation" syndrome that afflicts so many of today's Internet translations. Our readers in China get to read a highly accurate, appropriately stylized translation of the electronics manufacturing industry's top journal. This effort is part of our commitment to our readers and advertisers, because this is where we must excel with each issue.  

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