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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Digitaltest Intros CAD Digitizer
Digitizer sets up testing without CAD files.
Stutensee, Germany — Virtually every test system available requires one basic ingredient — the original CAD data. Digitizer, newly introduced by Digitaltest GmbH, is the only system that gets around the problem of how to test when this vital ingredient is missing. CAD data may simply not be available. Sometimes the boards may be either costly or important to the infrastructure of a system.

Such instances can include some aerospace, medical, military, railway, automotive and telecommunications applications. CAD data may be missing because of the takeover of a bankrupt company, a disenchanted ex-employee corrupts files, all data is lost, or there is a need to re-engineer an old product.

In these instances it is important to have the ability to repair or reproduce the electronic systems and to be able to test them properly. And Digitizer is the only system available in the world that can undertake this task.

Using a revolutionary reverse engineering technology, the Digitizer can extract a DIF or CAD file from any printed circuit board. The procedure is straightforward because of the system's user-friendly graphical interface.

The company is showcasing its second generation Condor 500 Flying Prober — the latest addition to its suite of electronic test solutions. The new development incorporates a shuttle with easy front board loading.

Using unique drive technology and linear motors to give high speed and high accuracy in fine-pitch applications, the new flying prober is reportedly 30 percent faster than previous models. Integrated boundary-scan is an option on this platform. To counter concerns manufacturers have about the damage caused by conventional probe testing techniques, particularly in complex and high-density boards, the prober uses the company's "Soft Landing" technology.

Also new at APEX is the company's new GenFast Software version without Visual Basic. Its new graphical tabular format allows easy programming because of its test program handling and simple navigation. The clearly structured GUI enables users with limited test software experience to use the system. With multiple views single statements as well as complete component groups can be debugged together.

For more information, contact: Digitaltest, Inc., 5046 Commercial Circle, Suite C, Concord, CA 94520 925-603-8650 fax: 925-603-8651 Web:

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