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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Rohwedder Launches JOT Automation X-Ray Quality Scanner
X-ray quality scanner.
Irving, TX — Rohwedder Group has launched its JOT Automation X-Ray Quality Scanner. The X-ray scanner has been created to ensure that clients' products are both accurate and of high quality before leaving the factory floor. According to the company, this solution enables electronics manufacturing customers to automatically view inside "ready-to-ship" sales packages.

Controlling the content of the packages is part of quality control. This machine adds value to the logistics chain ensuring that of packages leave the factory free from defects.

The X-ray Quality Scanner is automatic for increased efficiency in the production line, and its conveyor has a speed of 0.22m/second with a maximum weight capacity of 100kg. The user-friendly ML Vision is a simple and quick comparison-checking tool and is designed to work as part of the overall logistics of a factory.

The system is able to make verifications in less than one second. The scanned picture can contain several items and the software can be customized for every customer requirement.

All images of the packages can be saved to a database with a name that originates from the barcode on the packages. The name can be used later to find the correct pictures from the database. Several different barcode readers are available for the best reading result, allowing for a high level of flexibility.

For more information, contact: JOT Automation, 8100 Jetstar, Suite 100, Irving, TX 75063 469-233-5411 E-mail: Web:

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