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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Pro-Line Offers ESD-Safe Workbench
ESD-safe workbench.
Haverhill, MA — Pro-Line is offering the Model HD workbench with optional Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) properties. The workbench is available in lengths ranging from 48 to 96-in., widths of 30 or 36-in., and a standard 30-in. height. Incorporating a heavy-duty, independent four-leg design, the workbench provides a highly functional 1000-pound capacity. It can be utilized in virtually any laboratory or production environment.

The workbench is available with an ESD laminate top that is especially suitable for the manufacture of sensitive electronic items such as microprocessors, which are highly susceptible to damage from electrostatic contamination. The ESD laminate also protects computers and electronic equipment from discharges that can destroy valuable data. ESD ground kits, required for proper ESD operation, are available in four different versions: standard; standard with banana plug jacks; standard wrist strap 6 cord; and flush mount with jacks.

For environments where ESD properties are not required, Model HD workbenches are also available in regular plastic laminate and solid 1-3/4-in. maple.

"T" mold protection around the perimeter of the laminate tops protects workers and their clothing from corners. In addition, the workbench can be configured to accept side uprights for mounting of accessories to either side.

For more information, contact: Pro-Line, 10 Avco Rd., Haverhill, MA 01335. 800-739-9067 or 978-521-2600 fax: 978-374-4885 Web:

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