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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Fancort Intros Microflame Non-Contact Cord Set Soldering
Cordsets made with non-contact soldering.
West Caldwell, NJ — Fancort Industries has designed and built an automatic machine that uses microflame technology to deliver extremely focused, high heat to a precise location for soldering clinched cord sets without any burning of the insulation or damage to the plastic blade holder. The system integrates Spirflame® technology which breaks distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen mixed with methanol to produce the flame.

Used in conjunction with a stepper-controlled solder feeder, the system can be programmed to a variety of solder parameters for many applications. It can be used with leaded or unleaded solder and wire diameters from 0.015 to 0.040-in. This particular application was integrated with a linear slide, programmed with a PLC, which moves the table in the X and Z axes to put the clinched terminals in a precise location for soldering. Three cord sets are soldered in sequence and then the system returns to the start position for another set of three.

The system is mounted on a mobile cart with a fume extractor and protected by clear Plexiglas; a variety of safety features have been built into the system to protect the operator, cord sets and work area. Throughput on the system is 150 pph.

Spirflame technology with automation can be designed and built for a variety of applications where fast, highly focused, noncontact soldering is recommended.

For more information, contact: Fancort Industries, Inc., 31 Fairfield Place, West Caldwell, NJ 07006. 888-326-2678 or 973-575-0610 fax: 973-575-9234. Web:

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