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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Master Intros RoHS Compliant Heat Guns
RoHS-compliant variable-heat gun.
Racine, WI — Master Appliance Corp. has introduced new CE Certified, RoHS compliant heat guns and heat gun kits — the company's heavy-duty Proheat® Series now includes five CE models with cordsets available for the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and Italy for industrial, electronic, automotive and laboratory applications. The heat guns can be used for heating and drying temperature-sensitive materials, bending and forming plastics.

The tool can also be used for terminating specialty connectors, shrinking tubing, soldering and desoldering, curing resins, drying filler and for vinyl repair.

The heat guns are compact, lightweight, easy-to-use and ergonomically designed for superb balance and grip. They incorporate a durable enclosed ceramic heating element and heavy-duty Lexan plastic housing with built-in stand and hanging loop. A permanent magnet DC motor delivers powerful airflow at 425I/m. Industrial quality 3-wire grounded cordset, hand and switch guard provide increased user safety.

The unit is an economical two-heat heat gun with three-position switch and temperatures of 221°C or 449°C. The new Model PH-2200 Proheat Varitemp® Heat Gun has a patented electronic temperature control feedback system to maintain constant temperature while using any attachments. It has a convenient, top mounted, dial-in control for fast temperature adjustments.

Proheat Kit models of each come standard with two or five stainless steel attachments, including a 34.9mm shrink tubing and 88.9mm spreader attachments, 14.3mm reducer and 7.9mm pinpoint attachments and a special 12.7mm connector attachment for terminating crimp, solder & heat seal type connectors. Each kit also includes a rugged plastic storage/carrying case with identified slots for the heat gun and each of the attachments.

The Model 2200-1 Benchtop Heat Shrink System includes a heat gun, stable wire form heat gun stand and specialty connector attachment. Individual accessories available include the heat gun stand, nozzle shield and five stainless steel attachments sold separately or in a kit.

For more information, contact: Master Appliance Corp., 2420 18th Street, Racine, WI 53403 262-633-8840; fax: 262-633-9745. Web:

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