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Publication Date: 03/1/2008
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Extech Intros 4 New Instruments
New measuring instruments.
Waltham, MA — Extech Instruments has introduced its Heavy Duty Series of instruments, a new line of products specially designed to meet the needs of the HVACR industry. This durable series is comprised of four separate devices: the HD700/HD750, HD500, HD300 and HD200, most with optional IR Thermometer capabilities that are especially suited for making non-contact temperature measurements for unsafe or hard-to-reach areas.

The HD200, a Differential Thermometer Datalogger and IR Thermometer, allows users to take differential temperature readings with dual Type K thermocouple probes, as well as non-contact surface temperature measurements using an optional IR Thermometer Probe. It datalogs up to 18,000 readings on each channel and has a differential T1-T2 display for HVAC Superheat measurements. The device comes in a heavy-duty, double-molded housing and offers selectable units of degrees F and degrees C. The optional IR probe — Model HD200-IR — has 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio and laser pointer.

Based on patented technology, the HD300 CFM/CMM Thermo-Anemometer with IR Thermometer provides simultaneous display of Air Flow in CFM/CMM or Air Velocity plus Ambient Temperature. Housed in a protective, hard carrying case, it can measure remote surface temperatures to 932°F (500°C) with 30:1 distance-to-spot ratio and laser pointer. Easy-to-set area dimensions are stored in the meter's internal memory for the next power on.

The HD500 Psychrometer with IR Thermometer is a 3-in-1 combination meter with the functions of a Humidity Meter, Type K Thermometer, and InfraRed Thermometer. The device provides highest 2 percent RH accuracy, while the built-in IR thermometer allows for non-contact temperature measurement to 932°F (500°C) with 30:1 distance to target ratio, for unsafe or inaccessible areas. The built-in Type K Thermometer provides contact temperature measurements to 2501°F (1372°C).

Offering 11 selectable units of measure, the HD700 Differential Pressure Manometer can serve as a low range/high resolution Gauge or can provide Differential Pressure from 0 to 55.40-in. H2. Max/Min recording and relative time stamp are useful features, as are the Data Hold and Auto Power Off functions. The 2psi range device also has Zero function for offset correction or measurement. Built-in USB interface includes Windows compatible software with cable.

For more information, contact: Extech Instruments, 285 Bear Hill Rd., Waltham, MA 02451-1064 781-890-7440 fax: 781-890-7864 E-mail: Web:

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