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Publication Date: 05/1/2008
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Automation Key to Quality Coax Cable Assembly

Coaxial cable is used in a variety of products serving many different markets. It is used to carry higher frequency signals from point A to point B with...
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Cost-Effective 3D X-Ray Inspection

In the fast-moving and highly competitive electronics manufacturing market, long term survival increasingly depends on developing relationships with customers and establishing a basis for repeat business. As a result, the ability to gain a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy supplier ...
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Managing Field Service Effectively

Few companies in any industry would disagree that quality customer service is an essential element of commercial success. Yet on the other side, the expense of providing that service can be extremely cost-prohibitive — so much so that the cost may actually counter the profit gained ...
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Saving Time and Costs with Smart Testing

Test Engineers are an unpopular bunch. The pinnacle of achievement for a test engineer is to confirm one of two unsavory truths: either the production department...
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X-Ray Inspection of BGA Solder Joints

The moisture sensitivity levels (MSL) of semiconductor devices can increase one to three levels from their current values as the temperature goes up for lead-free solders. This means...
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