Saturday, February 25, 2017
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2017: What's Next in Tech?

Lately, my Januaries have started with a trip to Las Vegas, not to ring in the new year, but to visit the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, CES. I always enjoy this optimistic start to the year and the enthusiasm that both large and small companies bring to the world ...

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21st Century Inspection: Lectronics Gains X-ray Vision

Analyzing solder joints for leadless components has always been tricky business. Traditionally, the electronics manufacturing industry has relied on manual visual inspection or 2D X-ray systems to determine whether or not a connection is acceptable.

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Better Together: Yamaha, Trans-Tec and ADCO Circuits

There are few things as valuable to a growing business as an excellent partnership. The success story behind ADCO Circuits, Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, and Trans-Tec Worldwide, Yamaha's global service and support partner, is one example of an EMS provider, an OEM and a service and ...

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Successfully Navigating the Nearshore Movement

When OEMs design a supply chain, the factor that speaks the loudest is total landed cost (TLC). Wrapped up in this figure are variables that include labor, material, transport, and regulatory costs. Overall, the supply chain must balance a slew of considerations — product lifecycle ...

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From Machine Monitoring to Smart Manufacturing

The Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing are enabled by obtaining large amounts of machine data — a revolutionary process which is expected to change the face of the electronics industry in the coming years. Recent technology has made gathering data very ...

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Organic Silicone Coatings for Next-Gen Medical Devices

Silicon dioxide, or silica, is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. Most commonly found in nature as quartz, it is the major constituent of sand and a primary component in silicone and glass. Now, this basic compound is being used in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition ...

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Wacker Silicone R&D to the Forefront

Munich, Germany — With 2015 sales of $5.8 billion and R&D expenditures of around $191 million, Wacker Chemie AG styles itself as one of the most research-intensive companies in the chemical industry. According to the company's reports, it generated about 37 percent of its sales from ...

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Asteelflash Drives Technology for Automated Vehicles

No longer an Orwellian tale of science fiction, automated driving is quickly becoming a reality. Regulators, manufacturers, safety specialists, and others in the industry are recognizing the more prominent role that technology will play in the global automotive supplier market. Multi ...

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Hi Tech — the Good the Bad and the Ugly

On the day the iPhone 7 was launched I found myself flying from Los Angeles to San Jose for meetings and an innovation event at Plug and Play, Silicon Valley's largest startup incubator. I found myself wondering how many of these new technologies actually improve the world we live ...

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Jabil: Innovation Acceleration Services Speed New Products to Market

St. Petersburg, FL — Jabil Circuit, Inc., is enhancing the value of its end-to-end manufacturing solutions through the introduction of new innovation acceleration services that compress the entire product lifecycle — from gathering user insights and needs to shortening the path to commercialization. These ...
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The Next Big Hurdle in Semiconductor Fabrication

In the past, wafers were handled with tweezers or vacuum wands. Today, wafers are typically handled by end-effectors which grip the bottom of a wafer using vacuum. An end-effector can be described simply as the robot's hand. The general practice is to use a vacuum clamp to hold the ...

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WORLD Electronics and Yamaha: Performance and Service Make the Difference

For an EMS company, choosing a production equipment supplier comes down to performance and flexibility, equipment reliability, speed of changeovers, and other related factors. But choosing the supplier heavily involves that supplier's reputation for service and support, and the company ...

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EPE Corp Partners with Nordson DAGE for Quality Inspection

Privately held and veteran owned, EMS provider EPE Corporation has been in operation since 1965. For more than five decades and through three generations, the company's engineering expertise and dedication to quality and integrity have been its foundation. Based in Manchester, New Hampshire ...
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German Engineering in Silicon Valley

German Engineering in Silicon Valley may sound like a misnomer, but it is alive and thriving in Zollner's EMS facility there. Zollner, a large EMS company, is supporting some of the Valley's brightest innovations from conception to volume manufacturing and fulfillment.
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Politics and the Supply Chain

I recently took part in a survey on European electronics manufacturing and the first question I was asked was my impression of the likely impact of Brexit, the referendum decision by the U.K. to leave the European Union. This, along with my observations of the U.S. presidential race ...
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Precision Motion Control with Piezoelectric Technology

In motion control systems with movement requirements of mere microns, piezoelectric motion control technology is unparalleled in its precision. The piezoelectric effect is found in materials such as quartz, and converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. First ...
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Reinventing the Spring-Loaded Probe Pin

For decades the spring-loaded probe, or pogo-style pin has delivered excellent mechanical and electrical performance in a highly-compliant contact. However, this often came at a high cost given that each pin is constructed of 3-4 discrete parts manufactured and assembled in a laborious ...
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Samsung Lights Up Global Manufacturing Services' LED Production

Situated in historic West Jefferson, North Carolina, Global Manufacturing Services (GMS) looks to the future when selecting new equipment for LED production. Small, but versatile, the company is going on its 30th year in business. Founded in 1987 by Arlie Keith and his daughter Andria ...
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Sonobond: Eco-Friendly Assembly for Alternative Energy Storage

Increased demand for affordable and efficient battery storage, as well as for rechargeable batteries, has stimulated manufacturers' interest in reliable, eco-friendly, high-conductivity ultrasonic assembly methods. A growing, worldwide need for batteries for renewable energy is allowing ...
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Automation and the EMS Landscape

Recent figures from the International Federation of Robotics show that the number of multipurpose robots deployed in China in 2014 was well below the world average, and a fraction of the numbers deployed in manufacturing in South Korea, Japan or Germany, who occupied the top three ...

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