Friday, May 26, 2017
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Aven Intros Mighty Cam Eidos Inspection Camera

Ann Arbor, MI — Aven has introduced its Mighty Cam Eidos 2M, an inspection camera with an integrated 11.6 in. (29.5 cm) HD monitor. The convenient two-in-one camera and monitor system connects to any C/CS mount microscope or video lens.
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Beta LAYOUT Offers Free 3D MID Design Software

Fair Oaks, CA — Beta LAYOUT is now offering its new 3D MID (molded interconnect device) software at no cost. The latest TARGET 3001! V18 PCB-POOL® edition includes the integrated 3D MID function, enabling schematic creation and the ability to place circuitry onto existing 3D step file data. The ...
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CUI Improves Thermal Management with DC Fans

Tualatin, OR — CUI has added its CFM series of high-performance DC fans to its existing portfolio of thermal management products. The fans are available in various frame sizes from 40 to 120 mm (1.6 to 4.7 in.) and deliver airflow ranging from 10 to over 200 CFM.
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EpoxySet Exhibits Range of Adhesives

Lincoln, RI — EpoxySet is exhibiting its range of state-of-the-art, high-performance formulated adhesives, sealants and potting materials. The company is highlighting its UV-35G, a two-part epoxy that gels when exposed to UV light. It cures fully overnight at room temperature, or with heat if it ...
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Gowanda Expands Microwave and RF Filter Capabilities

Gowanda, NY — Gowanda Components Group has expanded its microwave and RF filter capabilities with the acquisition of Microwave Circuits from AMTI, based in Lynchburg, Virginia.
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HIWIN Intros Six-Axis Articulated Robot

Elgin, IL — HIWIN Corporation has introduced its RA605, a compact six-axis articulated robot. The robot has been designed for precise assembly, complex machining and workpiece manipulating. Applications of the robot include pick-and-place, handling, assembly, deburring, grinding, and polishing. ...
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INGUN Launches Upgraded Website

Lake Wylie, SC — INGUN has launched a new, upgraded website. At the center of the site is the company's product finder, which is a virtual catalogue of standard INGUN products. The site offers data sheets and product information for every item listed. The website has been designed as an accessible ...
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Intepro Adds DC Output to AC Power Source

Tustin, CA — Intepro Systems has introduced its AFV-P series of precision, programmable AC/DC power sources. The compact, rack-mounted instruments are available in four power levels, 600, 1,250, 2,500 (2U), and 5,000 VAC (5U), and provide clean power with distortion less than 0.3 percent at 50/60 ...
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Kemet Releases ESD-Rated Ceramic Capacitors

Simpsonville, SC — Kemet has released electrostatic discharge (ESD) rated capacitors in a small 0603 EIA case size, providing designers with a choice of either X7R or C0G dielectric for circuits requiring Class-I or Class-II stability and noise performance. Automotive and commercial grades are available ...
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Knowles: Lead-Free Dielectric Material for MLCCs

Norfolk, UK — Knowles Capacitors has developed a lead-free X8R dielectric material as part of an ongoing commitment to create more environmentally-friendly materials. According to the company, the new dielectric material will replace the current X8R materials that contain lead, though they will still be available ...
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Microcool Offers Cold Plates for Cooling Systems

Decatur, AL — Microcool, a division of Wolverine Tube, is now offering a wide selection of base plate, cold plate and total cooling loop system designs. The company provides a range of fin and custom-pin fin geometries that are designed to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in cooling electronic ...
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New England Wire Tech Offers Profiled Litz Wire

Lisbon, NH — New England Wire Technologies is now offering profiled square and rectangular Litz wire. The wire can be wound easily to create low-profile transmit or receive coils for wireless charging applications. The company works with a wide range of wire gauge sizes in single-end, as well as ...
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Nichicon Debuts Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Schaumburg, IL — Nichicon (America) Corporation has introduced a range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and related products. The company's newest high-vibration leaded capacitor can withstand up to 40g (g-force) of vibration. It has a special case design that holds the internal construction in ...
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Qualtek Showcases Power Supplies and AC/DC Fans

Mentor, OH — Qualtek Electronics Corporation is showcasing its line of power supplies that range from 5 to 800W, along with AC and DC fans up to 1,150 CFM, and a full range of fan accessories.
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Rubycon Displays Range of Capacitors

Gurnee, IL — Rubycon Corporation is offering a variety of capacitor products, which include aluminum electrolytic capacitors, winding-type conductive polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors (PZ-CAP), electric double-layer capacitors, film capacitors, polymer multilayer capacitors (PMLCAP), and power supply ...
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Schaffner Intros Sine Wave Filter for Motor Drives

Edison, NJ — Schaffner has introduced its FN530 sine wave filter with an EMC output filter, which is designed to eliminate premature motor damage caused by high dv/dt, over-voltages, cable ringing, motor overheating, and eddy current losses in industrial applications. Suitable for motors from 1.5 ...
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Solid State: 30 Years as Teccor/Littlefuse Distributor

Bloomfield, NJ — Solid State, Inc., is celebrating 30 years as a franchised Teccor/Littlefuse distributor, specializing in SCRs, TRIACs, DIACs, rectifiers, relays, and transient voltage protection. The company is ISO 9001:2015-compliant and accommodates customers through inventory bonding, same-day delivery ...
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Standex-Meder Highlights Power Distribution Solutions

Cincinnati, OH — Standex-Meder Electronics is highlighting its full range of planar transformers, custom power magnetics and other power distribution products.
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Tekscan Displays Pressure Mapping Technology

Boston, MA — Tekscan is exhibiting a line of pressure mapping products and technology. The company's tactile force and pressure sensing solutions are designed to provide customers with actionable information to optimize product design and to improve research and development.
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TI Develops Compact Step-Down Power modules

Dallas, TX — Texas Instruments has introduced a pair of 12V, 10A, 4 MHz step-down power modules designed to provide a power management solution that is, reportedly, 20 percent smaller than any other 10A power module-based solution currently available.
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