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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Rogers Intros Hi-Freq Circuit Materials
Rogers, CT — Rogers Corporation can provide high performance solutions from its family of advanced circuit materials. These include its new RT/duroid® 6202PR as well as its existing RO4000® series of high-frequency circuit materials and R/flex® 8080 Liquid Photoimageable Covercoats. These products are used in a wide variety of high frequency applications, including advanced packaging, wireless and high speed digital markets.

New product RT/duroid 6202PR was developed to meet the needs of high reliability XYZ applications, and has already enabled some fabricators to achieve resistor tolerances of less than five percent. The high performance substrate material was designed with a resistive copper foil construction that has significantly tightened the manufacturing tolerances for subtractively processed planar resistors.

RO4000 Enhanced Cu Bond Technology was designed for performance-sensitive, high-volume commercial applications, and offers superior, cost-effective performance with reduced PIM. The laminates are woven-glass-reinforced/ceramic-filled thermoset materials with a very high glass transition temperature. Easily fabricated into printed circuit boards using standard FR4 processing techniques, RO4000 can be processed by automated handling systems and scrubbing equipment used for copper surface preparation. In addition, this series is optimized for use in RF identification tags, microstrip and cellular base station antennas, power amplifiers, spread spectrum communications systems as well as direct broadcast satellites.

R/flex 8080 Photoimageable Covercoat Materials have been designed to provide uniform coverage in mass production applications, enabling printed circuit board manufacturers to achieve ultra-fine, high precision etch patterns that have traditionally been unattainable through conventional screen printing. The photoimageable covercoat materials reportedly provide outstanding imaging resolution, flexibility and creaseability required for developing today's high-density flexible printed circuits. By eliminating the need for coverfilm lamination, punching and drilling processes, this product's special design reduces tooling costs and lead times for all five formulation versions available. Moreover, the R/flex 8080 possesses electrical, thermal and chemical properties mandated by IPC Specification SM-840, Rev.C. Contact photo exposed and alkaline developable, the R/flex 8080 series provides excellent resistance to all plating processes, a long shelf life and pot life.

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