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Publication Date: 06/1/2008
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Zurvahn: Specializing in Supply Chain Management

Change is always difficult to deal with, but if you're fast on your feet and embrace innovations as part of your business philosophy, change can be a welcome benefit. This is certainly the case at Zurvahn, a supply chain management expert. The company is an EMS provider for mid- to low-volume products for OEMs worldwide.

The company accomplishes this by assisting its customers in designing reliable products, manufacturing the products cost-effectively, with lower inventory requirements while delivering quality products and services on time.

We provide services that tier one EMS companies provide to their customers for the tier two and tier three EMS market. Some of the important services that we provide to our customers that our competitors cannot are as follows:

Zurvahn provides tier one service to its tier-two and tier-three customers.
Extensive in-house engineering capabilities that provide our customers with cost-effective, reliable product design solutions for their product needs. We help our customers resolve component obsolescence and/or RoHS challenges through redesign.

Our international footprint enables us to deal directly with global low-cost suppliers of custom parts from China and India. Our employees in China and India continuously help us source new competent cost-effective suppliers and they provide source inspection before shipment.

Our Mexico facility, while sourcing various parts from China and India, provides us with the unique capability of being able to provide our customers a low-cost alternative to China or India for product assembly. Buying and bonding all integrated components from our key Z-club partners — Arrow, Avnet, Future, Heiland and TTI — mitigates the counterfeiting problem sometimes seen in oversees manufacturing. while providing our customers with a cost-effective alternative.

Our Web-enabled Inovaxe-ERP and documentation system allows our customers to track their sales order through our system as well as providing the ability to analyze alternative requirements. The key items that can be viewed by customers include: Inventory level, Open sales orders, Purchase orders to suppliers, Kit status with Can build, Kit good to go dates, and BOMs. Our U.S. and Mexico multi-location capabilities, in conjunction with our Web-enabled Inovaxe-ERP and documentation system, provides our customers with the ability to develop contingency plans.

Our three manufacturing facilities located in Coconut Creek, FL, Suwannee, GA, and Hermosillo, Mexico are all ISO 9001:2000 registered by BSI Management Systems, Inc.

Circuit Design
Zurvahn's engineering services include electronic design of analog and digital (FPGA and CPLD) circuits, utilizing Altium software, industrial design, mechanical design utilizing Pro E, test development (ICT and functional), software design (PC and Embedded), FCC and UL compliance approval support, cost reduction design product redesign and improvement, and value engineering services for cost and performance analysis cost reduction.

Our engineering team has been focusing on the design of ODM products for industrial control and automation. These are board level, state-of-the-art solutions, for measurement and control applications, which include flow measurement, motor control, gas furnace ignition and display/keyboard human interface.

Manufacturing services include printed circuit board assembly (high mix, low/mid-volume assembly), custom build cable assembly, box build (simple to complex), order fulfillment (domestic and international deliveries, direct to end customer), system integration (system configuration), depot repair, and commodity procurement, including PC boards, transformers and coils, front panel overlays, injection molding, machining, sheet metal, die casting, plastic and aluminum extrusion.

Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management has changed over the past few years and Zurvahn has been adapting to the changes. As the tier one manufacturers transfer their build capabilities to China, India, and other Far East countries, many supply chain professionals from that market segment have found their way into second and third tier OEMs. Many practices of first tier rules of engagement have been appearing in the high-mix/low- to mid-volume market. As a result, managing inventory cost, excess and obsolete, and total inventory on hand has become a serious challenge for the mid- to low-volume segment of the EMS market.

We have responded with our Z-club member partnerships with five key electronics distributors. We help to bring these suppliers very close to our end customers. This way, our customers can negotiate pricing with these suppliers and we focus on reducing acquisition costs. As a result, we are in a better position to manage our inventory and serve our customers.

Our operations in India and China have served our strategic advantage immensely. As price is becoming more and more of the negotiation factor, we are able to provide many custom parts such as sheet metal, labels, switches, transformers, PC boards, plastic, etc. from our global suppliers, and we can do this very cost effectively.

The biggest challenge that we face is adapting to new changes in the supply line to meet customer demands for lower pricing and carrying inventory for their products. It is all about managing, inventory, inventory, inventory and obsolescence. Traditional second and third tier EMS providers must be willing to invest far more on ERP systems as well as building design engineering capabilities.

We have expanded in numerous key management areas and have hired a VP of Business Development who will focus on helping our customers design new products and redesign for lower costs, while eliminating obsolete components. Also, our executive consultant is focusing on our competitors to determine the right candidates for our acquisition plans for the year.

Zurvahn is a name to remember — on your team you'll have the resources and expertise you need for engineering and manufacturing so you can concentrate on meeting the needs of your customers. We provide one convenient resource for all of our customer's requirements by combining our strategic advantages with those of our domestic and offshore partners. We are the supply chain management experts, expertise that works for our customers.

Contact: Zurvahn LLC, 6601 Lyons Road, Bldg E3, Coconut Creek, FL 33073
 954-570-5565 fax: 954-570-6656 E-mail:  

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