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I&J Fisnar France: Making it all Work
Loic le Naou and Helene Aubry confer on a product shipping order.

Cergy-Pontoise, France — What? Translate the entire I&J Fisnar catalog, data sheets and engineering bulletins from English into French? Who on earth would willingly take on a task like that? The answer: Loic le Naou, the president of I&J Fisnar France S.A. Located in a northwestern suburb of Paris, the company provides complete technical and engineering support for its products. The French subsidiary started out in 1990 with just 2 employees; Loic was one of them, and he has been leading the company's French operation ever since.

In a recent visit to his office by two U.S. Tech staffers, Loic explained that he has helped to grow I&J Fisnar's French connection to a staff of 8 people doing a business of more than 2 million euros per year. The success has led to a huge amount of outstanding coverage of the operation in the French press. He said that about 95 percent of the sales are to French companies, the other 5 percent going to Belgium and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. In addition, his office is responsible for helping customers with their robotics installations, and runs a full-time repair and service operation.

A demonstration room contains examples of the company's dispensing robots, and customers have the opportunity to not only see the robots in operation, but to learn how to use and program them. In the conference room, a "museum" case contains dozens of samples of parts and assemblies that have been made using the company's dispensing technology.

To serve other European countries, "There are distributors", he said, "but for France, we have an entirely company-owned operation."

Loic shows stock of dispensing tips, stored in specially made plastic containers.

The company prides itself on being able to provide a quality product, while undercutting the prices of competitors on all fronts. Coupled with the company's policy to provide the best value for price is the weak dollar, and these two factors combine to make made-in-U.S.A. Fisnar products very price-competitive in Europe. The company's robot dispensing systems have found their way into the supply chain for major French automakers such as PSA (Peugeot) and Renault by supplying robots to major subcontractor Bosch. While Bosch also makes robots, it is far cheaper for them to buy the Fisnar machines.

This price advantage is an important part of I&J Fisnar's U.S. and worldwide operations, since an important element of the company's mantra is to provide the best possible equipment at the lowest possible price, no matter where it is sold.

The motto on the company's vehicles in France, "L'art du dosage" intimates that dispensing is not just a mechanical operation, but is an art and a special kind of knack, and I&J Fisnar is best equipped to help implement this art.

Loic recently participated in the company's seminar held in New Delhi, India for a group of Indian distributors, the first of a series of seminars and hands-on workshops aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of dispensing issues and their solutions. The goal is to ensure that global representatives are conversant with all automation alternatives that are offered by I&J Fisnar Inc. And it all starts with the keen understanding, professionalism and dedication brought to these seminars by Loic le Naou, who has sbecome an important part of the company's increasingly global business.

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