Friday, March 24, 2017
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Enersys Intros SBS Battery with More Power
High density battery.
Reading, PA — EnerSys has introduced a thin-plate pure lead (TPPL) VRLA battery to its PowerSafe SBS line. The new SBS170F is reportedly up to 10 percent more powerful than conventional VRLA batteries in the same footprint. Its increased power density allows users to provide additional capacity in existing cabinets and to design new cabinets with smaller battery compartments and/or increased battery capacity. Users will also benefit from the new battery's front terminal design, which makes it easy to install and maintain. In addition, because of the battery's use of pure-lead technology, it is more resistant to corrosion than lead-calcium batteries. This allows it to provide three times the shelf life of a traditional lead acid battery along with an increase in power density, while maintaining a greater than 10-year design life.

According to the company, the special grid formation in the SBS170F is highly reliable and improves power density, reduces recharge time without sacrificing life, and enables the battery to better handle subsequent power interruptions. The battery's rugged design offers better functionality in extreme temperatures and harsh environments and is particularly suitable for wired and wireless telecom outside plant applications in cell sites, cabinets, CEVs and huts, as well as for utility/switchgear and cable TV applications.

The 12-volt battery has a nominal capacity of 170 Ah at both the eight- and 10-hour rates. Its operating temperature ranges from -40° to +50°C (-40° to +122°F); its dimensions are 22.1 x 4.9 x 11.1-in. (561 x 125 x 283mm), and it weighs 115.7 lbs. (52.5 kg). Its terminal fasteners are M6 M. The battery can also be configured as a SBS170 top terminal model with M8 F terminal fasteners. The battery's footprint supports several outside telecommunication cabinets and fits a 48V configuration in a 23-in. frame application.

For more information, contact: EnerSys, P.O. Box 14145, Reading, PA 19612-4145 800-538-3627 or fax: 610-372-8613 or 610-372-8457 E- mail: Web:

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