Thursday, May 24, 2018

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I&J Fisnar: Affordable Dispensing Robots
Benchtop dispensing robot.
Fair Lawn, NY — I&J Fisnar Inc. benchtop dispensing robots are manufactured to meet RoHs requirements. The role of the bench robot has now been realized and any company still using a manually operated dispensing and assembly system will change its procedure if their current process is properly investigated.

Automating the dispensing part of the process ranks highly in eliminating the possible causes of product degradation and failure. Most products call for a dispensing element, and in all but the most unusual assembly process, the dispensing absolutely should be automated.

The assembly industry is vast in its scope and incorporates many independent disciplines for device manufacture. A primary segment of the assembly process that is naturally designated for automation is dispensing.

Dispensing beads or dots of any kind of fluid is impossible to control manually which would invariably compromise the assembly process.

Typical of the cost-effective dispensing robots from I&J Fisnar is the I&J7900-LF, a compact desktop robot with a working area 7.87 x 7.87-in. (200 x 200mm) and providing all the programming functions and memory capacity of the larger automated dispensing I&J7000 industrial robots.

According to the company, this dispensing robot is an excellent choice when cost and bench space are important considerations. The dispensing robot can accept dispensing valves and syringes with tooling loads of 3kg and 1kg. The unit offers precise dispensing with resolution of 0.02mm.

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