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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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SouthCoast Intros Elevating Conveyor/Prefeeder
Elevating conveyor/prefeeder.
New Bedford, MA — SouthCoast Control Engineering, Inc. has introduced a new elevating conveyor/prefeeder for bulk conveying. It can be provided in a variety of heights and with a variety of belting and bin sizes to suit diverse applications. The design is applicable to a range of industries, including packaging, processing, manufacturing, food, and agricultural.

Its construction involves a standard stainless steel bin with a painted mild steel or stainless steel frame and standard adjustable leveling pads. Bins range from 3 to 12 cubic ft. and can also be designed to accommodate special needs. For larger capacity bins, the company offers a live floor integrated with the vertical conveyor. FDA-approved belting is standard and tailored wash-down electrical components are available as an option for applications that require wash down and sterilization.

Cleat spacing and height (standard is 12-in. between 1.5-in. cleats) can be customized. Belting is either endless or connected via stainless steel Alligator® Lacing. Take-up bearings on the conveyor's driven end adjust belt tracking.

A 1/3rd HP, 230VAC gear motor drive complete with coupling guards and over-torque protection is standard; wash-down, TEFC, and explosion-proof motors are common upgrades. The standard start/stop switch can be upgraded to a variable speed AC controller, or integrated into an existing or new system for automatic control. Escapement chutes and automatic product level controls are two of the many options available to accommodate application needs.

Contact: SouthCoast Control Engineering, Inc., 404 Nash Road, Building C, New Bedford, MA 02746 774-206-5649 Web:

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