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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Arrow CEO Keynotes EDS
Las Vegas, NV — In his keynote address at EDS 2008, Arrow Electronics Chairman and CEO William E. Mitchell said opportunities abound around the world for the electronics industry, with heavy growth expected in the Asian market. "Fifty percent of the total electronic spending is in that part of the world," he noted in his address.

In his address, titled "Facing the Realities of our Industry: Where we are and what we need to do," he said "To be a viable international player, you must be in China, and even if you are not an international player, you have to understand the dynamics of that part of the world."

Gerald Newman, EDS Executive Vice President, observed that nearly 400 attendees heard Mr. Mitchell speak, the largest turnout for a keynote address in recent years.

"As we position our show to give our attendees a higher return on investment, we find that insight from industry leaders like Mitchell is highly valued," Newman stated.

Mr. Mitchell also commented that growth areas of opportunity in electronics include aerospace, medical and transportation. A challenge facing the electronics industry in particular and business in general is the expected retirement in the next five years of half of the scientists and engineers currently working today. This is a concern that Mitchell said keeps him up at night, and the U.S. electronics industry must find a solution.

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