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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Printing All the News
Jacob Fattal, Publisher .
Every so often in the process of discussing placement of a feature article or a product or a business news item with a company's marketing person, we are asked how much it costs. "There's no cost," we tell the person. "It's free." Some people have trouble with that concept simply because so many trade publications do indeed charge a fee.

Most of those publications are gone now. The economics of print publishing and the ready availability of the Internet have combined to force many print trades out of business. But not so with U.S. Tech. To be sure, we use the Internet; every issue is posted on our website, along with our edition in Mandarin Chinese. But we have always remained true to our first calling — the physical printed page or "hard copy". And we've been doing it since 1985.

As electronics industry print publications go, that's a pretty good track record. Late last year, we started to have each issue translated into Mandarin for a huge audience of Chinese engineers, designers and executives. We then received hundreds of requests from China for the edition in English; apparently there are a lot more expatriates working in the electronics industry there than we had ever imagined.

To make all this continue to work, we invite you, our readers, to send us your press releases (with photos please) as well as bylined feature articles. Check out the "Writers Guidelines" in our Media Kit on our website (

Please send submissions via email as an attached MS Word, WordPerfect, .rtf or .txt file. Please send photos as separate JPG or TIF files; do not embed them in the Word file, for example. Photos should be "sized" and of high enough resolution for print publication { } approximately 4 x 5 in. and 300 dpi. Just so you know, extracting text and images from PDF files is difficult and sometimes impossible, and PowerPoint files are totally useless. If at all possible, please use MS Word.

If you have a press release, send it to along with a photo. Please do not tell us to go to such and such a website to download the release or the photo. We really don't have time to engage in all that extra work just so we can give your company free publicity. Use some common sense, make life a little easier for us, and you'll get plenty of that free publicity that you want in one of the few remaining print electronics trade journals still in business.  

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