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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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Datacon Intros Multi Flip Chip Bonder
Multi-chip flip chip bonder.
Trevose, PA — Datacon is introducing its 8800 CHAMEO Multi Flip Chip Bonder for high-volume, high-throughput MCM/SiP assembly. The product continues and extends the proven track record of its predecessor, the 8800 FC Quantum. The new 8800 CHAMEO is based on the same high-precision, dual-head architecture but adds multi-flip-chip/MCM/SiP assembly and wafer handling capabilities as required in today's advanced manufacturing environments.

The new bonder is designed to enable high-volume, high-throughput, high-precision performance for the completion of a multi-chip product in one production cycle. According to the company, the state-of-the-art machine consistently provides high accuracy operation, proven wafer handling capabilities, powerful image-recognition system and post-bond inspection.

The new machine maintains all significant key features of its predecessor: two independent bond heads, flip units, slide fluxers and upward-looking cameras, working in parallel and independently of each other. With short paths for architecture and flow control, the 8800 platform achieves a throughput of up to 10,000 CPH at a precision to 10µm at 3 Sigma for solder bumps and other procedures used in advanced packaging processes.

Adding a host of timely new features, the new bonder offers fully automatic calibration, short conversion time, reject detection and SECS/GEM data link for factory automation — all geared to cost-efficient, high-volume production. It is suited for various flip-chip processes with and without fluxing. It assembles strips, boats, PC boards and wafer substrates.

Contact: Datacon North America, Inc., 3150 Tremont Avenue, Trevose, PA 19053 215-791-7070 fax: 215-791-7074 E-Mail: info.dcna@datacon.at Web:

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