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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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JPSA Picosecond Laser Workstation Micromachines SiC
Micromachining laser workstation.
Manchester, NH — JPSA has designed and fabricated the custom picosecond laser workstation to produce SiC mirrors, with the company's large format linear glass encoded X, Y stages and a custom modified high-speed, high-precision rotational stage for this challenging application. JPSA also engineered a laser beam delivery system (BDS) designed for high-precision picosecond laser applications.

The company has also developed its own process camera/inspection camera (JPSA Microtech camera) setup, with all elements coordinated with its own Windows-based high-precision motion control system. These elements are designed for use with ultrafast picosecond lasers that permit high-resolution micromachining because the short pulses with their high peak power vaporize the material before thermal diffusion imparts undesirable heat into the workpiece. This allows high density features to be produced without micro cracking and burring.

An ultrafast pulse removes material very quickly and efficiently with sub-micron accuracy. The precise control of the laser allows it to be used like a drill — with a drill bit as small as 5µ in diameter that does not dull and does not break.

Silicon carbide (SiC) is tough. It keeps drill bits from dulling, withstands the high heat of power circuitry, and forms beautiful, super-hard gemstones. SiC is also used to make mirrors because the material expands and contracts very little during temperature changes. Company engineers have developed a picosecond laser system based on its IX-100 laser system to micro machine SiC mirror surfaces for a demanding hi-resolution application. Using this laser tool, the custom configured picosecond workstation can micromachine surfaces as large as 12 x 12-in., producing features as small as a few microns. Due to its high rep rate, the picosecond laser workstation does not depend upon a specific wavelength to operate efficiently, but can utilize a range of wavelengths for greater flexibility.

In addition to providing custom micromachining workstations, the company can provide job-shop contract services, producing micromachined objects.

Contact: JPSA, 220 Hackett Hill Rd., Manchester, NH, 03102 603-518-3200 fax: 603-518-3298 Web:

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