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Publication Date: 07/1/2008
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UltraVolt Intros Floating Hot Deck Power Supplies
Floating power supply.
Ronkonkoma, NY — UltraVolt, Inc. has introduced an enhanced series of floating-hot-deck power supplies. The "EFL" Series modules are isolated power supplies that provide isolation up to 15kV, along with analog and digital I/O. The modules create a completely integrated floating-hot-deck subsystem, that operate multiple bias supplies, pulse generators, and control systems in E-beam, I-beam, and mass-spectrometer systems.

While the company's original floating-hot-deck power supply, the "FL" Series, provides one analog up channel, the new "EFL" Series provides a second analog up channel and improved input/output Faraday shielding along with upgraded low-voltage output power and analog channels.

The improved input/output Faraday shielding reduces power-stage coupling noise. The upgraded LV output power provides tightly regulated ±15VDC at 50mA and +5.1VDC at 500mA. The main output is now available as 12V at 1.0amp or 24V at 1.0amp or 1.5amp. The upgraded analog channels auto-zero and auto-correct for linearity errors and full-scale gain. This provides a control and monitor capability of 0 to 10VDC with a temperature coefficient of <10ppm per °C. These analog channels have an initial offset error of <1mV and a full-scale gain error of <0.1 percent while keeping the linearity error to <0.1 percent.

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