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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Catalyst Expands 3 Mfg. Plants
Endicott, NY — Catalyst Manufacturing Services, a full-service contract electronics manufacturer providing engineering, manufacturing, and technical support, has purchased six turnkey production lines from Universal Instruments, including screen printers, reflow ovens and 12 Genesis Platforms, to be installed in their three manufacturing sites located in Endicott, NY (USA), Raleigh, NC (USA), and Tijuana, Mexico.

Genesis provides Catalyst a common, state-of-the-art platform approach to replace their existing mixed equipment set. It also delivers the inherent flexibility to excel in their higher-mix environment and the advanced technologies to address the increasing complexity of the products they build.

Catalyst has seen a significant increase in business, as well as in the variety of products they're being asked to build. In light of this changing business model, there was a need to dramatically retool existing production lines with an equipment set that can offer maximum productivity over this wide range of products without compromising throughput.

Catalyst plans on ramping up production in all three facilities, particularly in the Tijuana plant recently opened in June, 2008. Their current product portfolio ranges from Military/Aerospace, Industrial, Homeland Security, Medical, and Transportation industries, but is not limited to these industry sectors. "We're eager to see what new opportunities our Genesis production lines will present us," states Bill.

Contact: Universal Instruments Corp., P.O. Box 825, Binghamton, NY 13902-0825 607-779-7522 fax: 607-772-1878 Web:

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