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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Danaher Intros Single Axis Controller and Air Bearing Spindle
Motion control platform.
Wood Dale, IL — Danaher Motion has introduced the Dover DMM-101 Single Axis Controller and ST1 Air Bearing Spindle product set. The DMM-101 and ST1 are engineered to form a perfectly matched and easily integrated sub-system solution for hard disk drive (HDD) applications, but can also be purchased separately.

The DMM-101 and ST1 product set consist of a controller, spindle, software and cable. According to the company, this fully integrated system eliminates the need for users to specify separate components, and then try to figure out how to piece them together to maximize performance — helping OEMs to build an even better data storage solution.

The DMM-101 single axis controller delivers velocity stability performance of 0.0006 percent at 7200 rpm to provide a stable test platform for increased aerial track densities. Its flexible connector interface accepts both MCS-LA2000 and MFM-BDC-610 connections, making it suitable as a drop-in replacement in today's media testers. User-adjustable PID gain adjustments optimize performance with any payload.

In addition, it can position the spindle to any encoder count within one revolution relative to the index, while enabling users to simplify commutation by eliminating the need to align the encoder index to a motor pole.

The ST1 air bearing spindle provides low asynchronous error motion (AEM) performance, less than 1.5 nanometers (1 sigma) up to 20,000 rpm. The ST1 also delivers acceleration of less than 1 second to 15,000 rpm for 65mm disks, with up to 33 percent reduction in rotor inertia over competitive products, allowing users to benefit from improved throughput and faster testing of media. A crash resistant coating promises durability and robust operation.

Contact: Danaher Motion, 1500 Mittel Blvd., Wood Dale, IL 60191-1073 866-993-2624 fax: 636-281-1517 E-mail: Web:

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