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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Heraeus Intros Conductive Adhesives
Die stuck on flex circuits with conductive adhesive.
West Conshohocken, PA — A line of fast-setting, one-component conductive adhesives designed for the connection of passive components and bare die on lead frames and printed circuit board substrates is being introduced by the Contact Materials Division (CMD) of Heraeus. Ideal uses for the conductive adhesives include smart cards and flexible circuits found in camera phones and automotive or semiconductor applications.

Unlike many conductive adhesives on the market, the PC3200 series from Heraeus is a one-part system that requires no premixing. It does not have to be stored below 40°C nor shipped in dry ice — which is considered a hazardous material shipment. The adhesives can be shipped with standard ice packs and stored in a standard freezer. The adhesives are also solvent-free and are formulated for stencil print, screen printing or dispensing applications.

The PC3200 series provides high electrical and thermal conductivity with excellent adhesion properties.

In addition, since these conductive adhesives are manufactured at the company's Pennsylvania facility, its product development team can work with customers to develop modified formulas to meet individual processing criteria for optimum yields and performance. The company also has a new line of non-conductive adhesives (NCA line) which have proven successful in various applications, such as chip attach and SD card assembly. The NCA line reportedly provides exceptional purity for high reliability and quick cure times.

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