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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Lord Corp. Intros Thermal Die Lid Attach
Cary, NC — Lord Corporation has developed MT-431 a non-silicone thermal die lid attach (TDLA) adhesive. According to the company, the adhesive was developed in response to customers looking to replace their existing two material processes (such as a thermal interface material (TIM) and a lid attach material) with a single effective solution.

The material formulation reportedly has excellent thermal properties to replace typical TIMs, as well as excellent adhesion to replace lid attach materials. For one customer, the company was tasked with creating a TDLA adhesive with adhesion >20kg/cm2 and thermal conductivity (TC) >2.8w/mK.

According to the company, by replacing both materials, manufacturers can save money on the line by reducing the number of process and cure steps as well as reduce the potential for coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between the materials, which can lead to cracking at either the lid attach or TIM1 areas.

Most current and developmental TDLAs are based on silicone or modified silicone chemistry. However, using silicone chemistry limits the potential for adhesion. As such, the company chose a new solution using a proprietary non-silicone polymer. The polymer is then filled for high conductivity, and additives are used to improve material properties.

The performance of the MT-431 has been validated using pull tests as well as thermal cycling and humidity testing. The material shows no change in thermal conductivity as measured by laser flash methods after 150 hrs at 85°C and 85 percent humidity.

Contact: Lord Corp., 111 Lord Dr., Cary, NC 27511 919-469-2500 Web:

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