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Publication Date: 08/1/2008
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Data I/O Intros JIT Programming
In-line programming system.
Redmond WA — Data I/O Corporation has expanded its family of Just-in-Time Programming solutions with an all-new inline automated programming solution, the ProLINE-RoadRunner XLF. Described as the first ever in-line automated programming solution, the programming system was originally targeted for high-volume wireless applications, but driven by customer demand, the new system is an important platform extension.

The new unit programs Flash memory and microcontroller devices using the company's latest FlashCORE II programming technology. Only 100 percent successfully programmed devices are delivered to the pick-point of the Siemens assembly machine for placement onto the circuit board.

The Extra Large Format (XLF) system supports device sizes up to 32mm2 and tape widths of 32 and 44mm. In addition, it can be reconfigured to support small-to-medium-sized devices in tape widths of 16 and 24mm. The system is especially suited for the automotive Lean and Six Sigma environments and provides "Just-in-Time" programming capability, realizing inventory cost reductions and high quality standards.

In addition, the programmer has new Automatic Supply Application software enabling SIPLACE machine operators to control the RoadRunner's operational commands from the SIPLACE machine's user interface. The Automatic Supply Application software allows the user to select a Job, set or change the Job quantity, and command the RoadRunner XLF to start programming when the SIPLACE line starts production.

The new system is available for Siemens assembly machines and is an excellent match for customers who wish to minimize cost and increase quality by programming devices with a lean process.

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